Am i the only one who wishes they didn't have diabetes?

I have had diabetes for 8 years now and i feel lik ewhen it gets easier, it just gets hard again, an di often wish that i didn't have diabetes anymore. does anyone else feel like that?

I totally hate having diabetes! I try to do my best to keep it under control so I don't end up with serious problems. I figure it's easier to live with it and keep it under control than just think about how I wish I didn't have it.

Your not the only one. Now I really can't see where your comming from because youve been diagnosed for 8 years, when ive only been diagnosed for a little over a month, but it is extremly hard to deal with. Trying to get use to all these changes and whatnot, its driving me crazy.

It is so hard at first. I felt like my whole world was ending. Now that I'm used to it, it's hard to remember what life without diabetes was like.

There are times when I will cry, a lot, because I wish things were easier.  I can't say that I wish I'd  never had it--because I do think I'm a better person for having to bear this burden--but if someone offered me a pill tomorrow that would cure the diabetes...I'm not sure. I think I'd jump at it, but I don't know what I'd do with myself. 

There are days I wish I didn't have diabetes, in fact, as I think of it, most days ending in "y."

That said, I find it is easy to balance that with a great deal of gratitude.  I am grateful for:

The family and friends and fellow diabetics who have offered ears, support and kindness

The medical professionals who have given me their time and assistance

The medical technologies that have advanced almost more quickly than I am able to wrap my brain around and use -

The selfless individuals who stand up and fight for the rights, issues and needs of all of us who have to manage this disease.

I am also grateful that I am able to do this as well as I have - it has been far from perfect but - if I had to train someone else to do it for me - I don't think most would do it as well - so, I than heaven that I got a least a little talent to learn what I needed to learn.

I have found, on my down days, that it is important to do two things.  The first is to pick a definite time -a day, a week or two where I will get my self back up.  The second is to reach out - maybe to someone who can just listen to me vent - maybe to someone who has advice - maybe just to a journal - but to reach out and get myself out of my head a bit.

I know what it feels like to want out and I know how good it feels to be proud of where you are...

Hang in there!


T1D, Dx 4/83, Pumpin' Omnipod (about a yr.)



Unfortunately, we have to live with this so instead of hating it we need to embrace it and keep living our lives even on the really bad days. Just think to yourself tomorrow will be better. That is how I get through wishing i did not have diabetes anymore.

I remember hating it when I was a teenager.  Anything that makes you feel different or life harder as a teen sucks.  I'm not proud to say that I didn't take care of myself the way I should have.  My A1C's were always ok (in the 7's) but never great (now they are in the low to mid 6's).  I think that because I didn't think it was fair that I had diabetes in the first place, it gave me an excuse to ignore it.  I went through the motions of caring for myself but I didn't followup on my blood sugars the way I should have. 

As I got older, things got better.  I know that doesn't really help but for me it was true.  The more I sat there and thought about how unfair diabetes was, the more I was upset about it.  Yes, it sucks but as an adult I've taken charge of my diabetes and it makes me feel so much better.  The disease doesn't control me, I control it.  I'm healthier and happier and I don't dwell on the negatives.

I have a dear friend who has Crohn's Disease, and we have a pact: when we get to a point where we're just sick to death of taking the medicine, of doing all the required balancing, we call each other.  It always helps us both, whether she was the one to phone or I.

Only every day for the past 28 years! Tomorrow is my Diabetes anniversary! As with everything we take the good with the bad.....What doesn't kill us makes us stronger......We must all be Mr. and Ms. Universes!!!

oh gosh...yes! I am newly diagnosed and I ABSOLUTLY  hate it. could be the fact that I'm new to this whole thing. But, it frustrates the hell out of me!!! My dad is also type 1 and he's got all these health problems so of course they get shoved off on me on...oh, this and this could happen to you too if you don't do this right...or that right. GAH!! I know I'm just at the beginning but I'm getting frustrated with never keeping my blood sugars's just, completly frustrating. That...and when I go to eat now counting carbs and actually THINKING of what I have to eat...just makes me want to scream. I just wish everyday that when I wake up I won't have to prick my finger and take a shot...if I could make it go away I would do ANYTHING for it..absolutly anything...and that's pitiful.

LilMiss: We ALL go through those feelings in one way or another.  Just take it one day at a time, one finger prick at a time and one shot at a time.  Technology today makes things easier but by no means easy.  You can do it. Have faith in yourself and your support team.

I am 32 years old, and have had Type I diabetes since I was 7 years old. I had the same feelings growing up. I used to throw away my insulin vials out against the back wall of my house because it used to make me wish pain upon the vials ( I was a kid).  Of course after a while you just learn to live with it, and about the only thing that really don't like is not being able to eat peanut butter cups, and dealing with nagging pharmacists at the pharmacy everytime I need a refill.

Not at all. ive had diabetes for 17 years and i was diagnosed when i was 14 months. so all i kno about life is having diabetes and you would think i would be fine with it. but eveyday i wish i didnt have it and the only way we can not have it or come close is to participate in walks and raise money for research.

i think i hate diabetes more now than i used to.  i usually wont let it bother me but once i get close to my next doctors appointment i get reallly emotional.  i hate when people say im different or "disabled" because i have diabetes.  im just like everyone else, i dont act any different or do anything different besides test my blood and take insulin. <-- could be the reason my A1C is not perfect but though i accept the fact that i have diabetes and its not going anywhere, i definetly try not to let it get in the way of my life..

OMG YES!!!! ive had it since i was 2 years old and I honestly cant remember a time when i didnt. It makes me sad that scientist havent found a cure yet but hopefull that they will. I just deal with it, and sometimes when im feelin down about it i remember what my mom says "Anna, diabetes does not control you, you control diabetes" and that helps me. I think that every1 who has diabetes feels the same way and wishes they didnt have it.

Accepting it and taking control was a very liberating moment for me.  It took about 3 years and finding a great doctor really really helped.  If you have a controlling Dr., get rid of them!  Find someone who informs you and puts you in control.

Even so, there are still a few times a year I get pretty sad about it. Yeah, it sucks but there are much worse things in life.  So be thankful!

i was diagnosed when i was 6 and im so used to diabetes that i really dont remember what life was like before diabetes...and even though i was only six, i will always remember my life as a "normal" person!! hahahaha

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i was diagnosed when i was 6 and im so used to diabetes that i really dont remember what life was like before diabetes...and even though i was only six, i will always remember my life as a "normal" person!! hahahaha



ya i meant remember my last day as a normal person!

every day, i was diagnosed at eight and was so good with it then but now at sixteen i struggle to find the strength to take care of myself instead just ignoring it.  It doesn't help that the only other diabetic in school ignores his so I see him living like he wasn't diabetic all the time- ie. not testing and skipping insulin sometimes, i just remind myself that i want to live long and give myself a swift kick in the butt to get over it. I don't like feeling sorry for myself so I try not to, makes me get on my own nerves.