Almost time

to leave to drive up to Colorado Springs for Rileys appointment with her DNE. I cant wait for the change!! Her numbers have been horrible these past two weeks its not even funny. She has had a lot of stress with her brother having bigger seizures. Like this morning and she is at 409 right now blah. It will be nice to be able to fix or correct her numbers for her and get off the NPH and on lantus or similar. I will update how it all went when we get home.

I grew up on NPH and Regular. Now Im 27 on Lantus and Humalog. I like the lantus for the most part. I have to watch it sometimes at bedtime. I wake up low depending on what I had to eat before bed. The pens are really easy to use also with the lantus.

Good luck! I hope it goes well. Say "hi" to my sister who lives in Colorado Springs for me, lol. (:

Ok well she put her on Levimer (sp) still better than the NPH and what we were doing. She gave us two viales of it and two pens so WOOT to that. She took her way down on the levimer compared to the NPh. So it might take us a good month to get her numbers good. Over all I am happy and feel like I know what I am doing.

So glad to hear things went well with Riley's appointment. Hopefully the Levimer will do better for her....

I think it gives all of us a little bit of strenght when one of us can post on here that our child had a good visit and we as a parent can come out of the visit happy and feeling confident!! YOU GO GIRL :)

Also, hope your son is feeling better!!!

Yeah the DNE asked if I had any medical background lol I laughed and said no I just researched this because it sounded like a better way. I wanted her to know I was ready to do this for Riley.


Thanks, he is doing ok. Hopefully he sleeps better tonight and we dont have a repeat of today. He was excited about his feild trip today and I think he didnt sleep enough. That seems to be a trigger for the "big seizures".

YAY! I am excited for her! I hope she can start feeling better with the Levemir! 

Glad you had a good visit and are doing something you feel will help her.  :)

Seizures in kids can be so hard to control! I feel for you!

What short acting is she on? Hopefully, not R?

Novolog she got the flex pens.

That's awesome!  I'm assuming she's not on a fixed-carb plan anymore?  It's such a relief not to have to worry about when and how many carbs you are eating...I hope it brings down her numbers as well!  Best of luck :)

nope no more fixed carb plan. She is pissed she doesnt get ice cream for bed time snack anymore. Which both scared me and has me asking if that is right or not. She gets 25 units of levemir and was on 43 units of nph so she is down a lot she was in the 300's at bed time way higher than before dinner with a correction and enough to cover her carbs at 1:20. So I am going to be up many times tonight testing her just to be sure she doesnt drop low. 12, 2 and 4 lol. Better safe than sorry.

Sounds like a new start. Be patient and don't forget to do some basal only testing by skipping some meals and doing no adjustments for BG with extra insulin. 

You can do it in short 4-6 hour blocks such as on the weekend between breakfast and dinner, then doing the last basal testing over night. 

Be patient, it will take some time to get it all figured out. 

Keep us posted.