A1C check up

Good afternoon, everyone!

I have a doctors appointment today to talk about some severe headaches I’ve been getting over the last couple of weeks and get some blood work done. I’m a little nervous to see if anything has changed. My last A1C was an 11.8 which was when I was in DKA. What was everyone’s last A1C? They have also been talking about trying to see about getting me a pump so I will hopefully have more information on that in the next couple of weeks too!

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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@chelshubbs hi Chlesea, an a1c is just an average. You can have a good a1c and have really bad highs and lows. It’s a terrible way to judge control. Cheers and good luck with the headaches. When I am dehydrated I get them quite often.

Hi Chelsea @chelshubbs, the HbA1c is an awesome tool, but no more than a tool we use to manage our diabetes. As @Joe said, it is an average of our body glucose level, 24 hours every day during about a 90 day period. I say “awesome” because I was involved in its development in the early 1970’s - but a “good” A1c does not tell the complete story.
Just use me as an example; for about a dozen years my HbA1c ranged between 6.1 and 5.9 but EMS had to revive me a couple of times when I went down as low as 9 mg/dl - BAD!!! Now my endos recommend that I get it up to at least 6.5.
A pump, if you use it correctly can be of great assistance in managing diabetes but you will still need to pay attention and work with it; some of the new systems of CGM and pump are worth looking into. There are a couple of Topic Lines on here with lots of advice and comment.
I’ve only recently resumed using a CGM and it will not communicate with my pump, but it has alerted me in time so that I suspend pump operation and have avoid going too low.

My A1C used to average in the 8’s. But, since have been using Dextrom CGM my A1C has dropped to low 7’s. The continuous alerts are great to help keep BG’s in line. Especially the lows. Ask your Dr. about a CGM.

Firstly, how old are you? A pump would definitely help your numbers. I just got a CGM machine and that helps me alot. 11 A1C is very high. Mine has been in the 8 range and I am trying to get it lower. I have been on the pump for 14 years.


Interesting. I had severe headaches when I was a kid and before I was diagnosed. After I went on insulin, the severe headaches went away. I have a garden variety once in a great while but it goes away with a standard pain pill. Nothing like the severe headaches.

I had really bad headaches back in late October that lead me to be hospitalized for a week, I was Kda and found out I was T1 one week before I turned 40. The headaches were so severe I couldn’t sleep, hopefully you’ll get your acid levels balanced out and the headaches will fade away. Good luck!

Hi Chelsea,
I always get headaches when my blood sugars have been running high. I hope your doctor appointment went well and I hope you do get a pump! The pump was a life changer for me! I hope your A1C is more around the area where you want it to be.