770g frustrations

If you have the 770g, or 670g, do you have any solutions for all the BG requests? Esp overnight? This is not new - and I upgraded to the 770g last spring, which was supposed to be a better system, but it’s not. Although it didn’t make the warranty extend on the pump, it did give a new, 1 year refresh on the transmitter. I will be digging deeper into the chance to get switched to Tandem, even with the warranty as it is. Tandem is such a better system! My 11 yo son has been using it for a year now, and I’m quite jealous :slight_smile:
That being said - I am looking to figure out how to live with the 770g until I can switch. I am being woken for a BG at least once, often 2x, every night. It’s frustrating and I’m tired!
Has anyone tried turning auto mode off overnight? I’m wondering if turning off, and really dialing in my overnight basal, with maybe a low notification set a little higher, would be a better way to go?
I have not called Medtronic about this, because I have been unimpressed with their CS knowledge on the real, day to day use of the pump. It’s usually a canned answer that doesn’t address my actual problem, nor can I understand them.


I’ve been on 670 G for several years. I had to go off auto mode mainly for the reasons you describe. It was very distressing and after extensive research and working carefully with my CDE, I found no solutions. When I first went on auto mode, I did very well. My in range time was awesome, but then….it was like it wouldn’t leave me alone.

Manual mode eliminates some issues, but not all. My warranty is nearing the end and I’m hoping to switch to Tandem and Dexcom. I actually just got a replacement pump due to the ring recall, but think my warranty remains the same. My replacement is a refurbished model. I hope others may have some helpful tips. I’d like to see some for sure.

What has seemed better with the newer model?


Thanks for the input. That’s what I’ve come up with…auto mode just isn’t as good as Control IQ on Tandem. The requests are maddening. There is functionally no difference for me. I paid $400 for it…thinking this would improve. The only change I have, is my info is available on my phone.
I guess I should call them and make my complaints official. Not sure it will help.

I would absolutely switch to Tandem…not perfect either, but much better. It isn’t constantly asking for affirmation! :rofl:


I share your misery, though, I haven’t paid to update.

Have you ever received a Sensor Updating notification before 10:00 p.m. at night? I just got one, so went ahead and inserted new sensor. I never recover from this, so just go ahead and insert new sensor. :roll_eyes: My experience has been that it never recovers. You wait 3 hours and it then says insert new sensor. Might as well cut out the 3 hours of wasted time. It’s amazing how they always come late at night so they keep me up. It’s like they are paid to make me lose sleep. this is going to ruin my sleep tonight for sure. Oh, other times it’s done this is on the way to a concert. The fun never stops.

I hope to get some relief in 2022.

I’ll look forward to see how you’re doing.

I have found the 770 to be a lot less obnoxious than the 670.with regard to alarms. I will not start a sensor after 2 or 3 pm. If I get a sensor updating or failure after dinner time, I will just put the transmitter on the charger and replace it first thing in the morning. (I also shut off all sound for the night night and test my sugar before going to bed) Not ideal, but workable. I also have the volume turned as low as possible under audio and under auto mode I have auto mode bg alert turned off. The second on makes the device much more livable.


I think I’m going to try that too. I’ve always been wary of turning things off. My fear is that it will tell me to calibrate or I lose a signal and not be aware, if I turn off the alarms…THEN I go low, but it doesn’t notify me because it doesn’t know about it, if the CGM isn’t working. I need a break though. It’s one thing to get awakened multiple times due to highs or lows, but for things like lost signal, sensor processing, etc. Its beyond frustrating. I don’t feel like I have a modern device. Having to hold my pump up to my transmitter….it’s like a string and 2 cups telephone. Lol

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LOL - yes! I call it my baby - it cries for me all night! What does the baby need now?? So, here has been my experience with turning off the BG req notifications - my pump ended up kicking me out of automode. When it does that, it doesn’t trust the sensor reading, so it just kicks into manual mode, giving basal. Problem is - and this has happened 2x in the middle of the night - my sugar was on the lower side, then it went to manual, and kept giving me basal, with no alarms for low, because it wasn’t trusting the numbers. I woke up and discovered I was 50, and had been for over an hour, with no alarms. So, I personally would not recommend that method. I am on day 1 of turning off auto mode. This has been kinda nice! Still have to calibrate, but there arent any BG req alarms. And, there is suspend before low and alarms for sugars. I will post in a few days how this has been going.


Been there, done that! I recently switched from the 670g to the Tandem t:slim with Control IQ about three months ago.

I wish I knew of a “trick” to give you some relief with Medtronic pumps and sensors. I don’t think one exists. Like you, I rarely got an uninterrupted night’s sleep with Medtronic. It needed constant attention while trying to sleep. Sadly, it happened so frequently my body adjusted by sleeping through the alarms. After four year’s of that I made the switch. The Tandem stays in auto mode without needing confirmation BG’s every two hours. Now I sleep the whole night through.

In addition, I’m now in range 88% of the time compared to 70%. My first A1c on the Tandem was 6.3. A full point lower than my last on the 670g. And instead of pricking my finger 6 times a day, I now can go weeks without doing so. I trust the Dexcom 6 sensor that much and so does the pump.

I highly recommend the Tandem. As soon as you can switch, do it. Even if it costs more to do so. Getting a full night’s sleep would be worth it in my book.


Thank you for your input. I think I will be able to switch this spring. Until then, I’m starting day 2 of manual mode, and already feeling better that it’s only asking for calibration. I think it will take a little while for my body to actually sleep through the night more - but my sugars were happy and stable all night.

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Omg! I have to get my act together. Not sure how to start. Just saw my Endo and told her my intentions to switch. She’s on maternity leave now…I have to get trained on Tandem. I had Dexcom 5 years ago, so feel comfortable with it, but need new pump training. My warranty on Medtronic 670 G expires the end of Jan. I suppose I have to get new prescription from my endo for insurance company and pre-approval…? Will they accept the old one? I had a different insurance company previously……Will the Tandem rep help? I have a little time, but I doubt enough time to get in for Tandem training.

I’m so happy to read this! My hubby will be switching next February. He and I cannot wait to hopefully rid ourselves of the CONSTANT alarms all night long! He has a 670g. Medtronic has not been much help, his endocrinologist nods her head and acknowledges that he is not alone and tries her best to adjust his basal rates to make the pump happy, all to no avail. She has urged him to switch to the Tandem/Dexcom due to it being a superior system. Medtronic was such a leader 20 years ago but they have certainly dropped the ball in our opinion. Thank you all for your input!

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After over 19 years with Medtronic and the constant alarms waking me up every night multiple times, I finally saw the light and went with the Tandem TSlim and haven’t looked back. My 670 still had about 15 months left on its warranty, but Tandem has an upgrade program that gets you a Tandem pump at a greatly reduced cost until your Medtronic warranty is up. Then when it is, you can get another new pump for the full warranty.
Is the TSlim perfect? Not even close. But it is so much better. My endocrinologist says that many, if not most of her patients are switching to Tandem.

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I had the Medtronic 670 and it did the same thing. At night I would put it under my pillow so I did not have to listen to it. I changed to the Tandem/Dexcom pump/sensor and love it. It is not perfect but much much better than the 670. And besides although you can do a calibration, you do not have to as it is not needed.

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I generally only turn the sound fully off if I know there’s going to be an issue such as if I don’t start a sensor at night or if the sensor is acting wonky. I do however leave options-auto mode-auto mode BG alert off. With this I still get notifications for low Blood sugar and such. This get’s rid of 90 % of the most annoying useless alarms

As so many have posted, the constant whining is very very tiresome. I spend most of one full day a week calibrating my 670 and every night I turn on silent mode so it doesn’t wake me asking for calibrations.
As I will soon be on Medicare, I will be switching to a Tandem - the Guardian sensors are not covered which is fine with me. Can’t wait to upgrade to the Tandem.

I have the same problems with the 770. Medtronic customer service has no solution for this. I am really disappointed with the 770. I’ve looked into switching to the tandem also. I haven’t switched as the problem seems to have decreased slightly and I didn’t want to spend the $1000 (with insurance approval) to switch.

yes - i am stuck for now too. they offered the $1000 switch for the pump, but I’m not eligible for a Dexcom yet - and there is not cheap/free option

Just thought I’d put another follow up on here - I’ve been in manual mode for past few days. Sugars are needing some attn, as the automode isn’t on to help correct, however, it’s also allowing me to really focus on my ratios and proper bolus dosing. I was relying on basal too much. I have also had less swings, since there is nothing trying to correct. I was having issues with overcorrection, crashing down, eating when I didn’t want to, but that was because I don’t have a good ratio midday. I think this will end up being better in many ways - and no overnight BG req alarms!


I am glad to read you are doing well. Congratulations on your system. I’ve always said you can make anything work but you have to be willing and able. It’s great to hear! :grinning::shamrock:

Interesting thread. I’ve been on the 770g for about 8 months now. Actually picked it over the tandem. I was a long time, 6+, year user of dexcom with mdi and then omnipods. Automode wasn’t a goal for me, so I’ve used manual mode for almost the whole time with the 770g/Guardian sensor.
It works well for me because the sensor works for me. I learned a lot from using cgms for years and that helped me adapt to the g3 sensor. You have to find locations on your body that work for the system. Not all sensors work in the same places. G5 and the G3 work in similar places for me. G6 not at all the same places.
Having said all that, basal rates and i/c ratios are the key to any system. AND like all things diabetic, they aren’t necessarily constant. Work on your ratios and rates and you will find as much peace as you will find being T1…