Newly diagnosed T1 3 year old daughter... Nervous

Hi all! Our youngest daughter was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Type 1 and I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster 24/7. So nice to have a place to “chat” with other families that face the same challenges. Since all this is new to us, what tips would you suggest to a family facing this new diagnosis?

@amgunsallus76 hi Angela, sorry to hear about your daughters recent diagnosis. I hope you have access to a great pediatrician/ endocrinologist and. a certified diabetes educator. The CDE will be a big help the first year. I always recommend the book “Think Like a Pancreas “ as a good start.

The JDRF May have a local chapter near you. You can meet other parents at their fundraiser events. The chapter locations can be found by clicking here and put in your zip code.

This site has many parents and many other participants dealing with type 1 for a long time. Nice to meet you.

Hi Angela

I remember the overwhelming feeling when my daughter was diagnosed a few years ago. It’s hard and exhausting. I don’t have any advice really - just wanted to send good wishes and let you know I will be thinking of you and your family as you adapt. Be kind to yourself, and all the best.

Hi there. My daughter was diagnosed at age 9 , less than a year ago. Honestly we have learned to adapt to the changes and live life to the fullest. There is nothing she can’t do. It’s best to find those you can learn from and just accept the diagnosis. Once you do that and make it a part of your life, it will honestly be ok.

My 3 year old granddaughter was just diagnosed a week ago.
.3 weeks before that she was diagnosed with focal cortical dysplasia…a seizure disorder…we barely had time to process that and then this happened. The seizure disorder is bad but the diabetes diagnosis has been completely overwhelming…our days are blood sugar checks, insulin shots, carb counting and most of all WORRY. .Thankfully my granddaughter is ok with the blood sugar checks but she fights the insulin injections…she cries and says “I’m sorry!” Like she mis behaved and that’s why she is getting a shot and held down…its hard to explain it to a 3 year old so that they can understand the why…i know that she will get used to it but right now it’s rough. I’m hoping this regimen is temporary and that she will be able to transition to a pump in a few months…that seems to be a better option…I recently purchased the book "the everything parents guide to children with juvenile diabetes and it’s an amazing book.

Thanks Joe for the info! Yes, we are seeing a wonderful endocrinologist in our area. Nice to meet you as well.

Thank you for the kind words jfancesjean

Thanks so much Maryjo. Yes, seems like we are beginning to adjust to the new life. Sarah amazes me all the time at her resilience and strength everyday. Hopeful for her future regardless of the diagnosis. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh my goodness, my heart is breaking for you and your granddaughter! Will keep you all in my prayers.

Thank you! You will be in ours as well!