Women's Clothing with Pockets

I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1-25-16.

I have been successfully wearing a T-slim 4 with CGM pump since 3-20-17. My A1C was

6.1 in June. It is something I work hard on everyday as any person with type 1 diabetes know.

Now that I am somewhat comfortable with wearing a pump, I was wondering if you know of any

clothing lines that sells skirts with pockets to place my pump in. I lost some weight when

I got the diabetes diagnosis and would like to get somewhat dressier clothes than the pants

that I am now always wearing. Do you have any suggestions on what to do about getting

skirts with pockets? They are very hard to find. Also, do you know about the multiway body belt?

If yes, are they comfortable to wear and does it look bulky under your clothing?

I highly recommend getting a FlipBelt! They’re marketed as an athletic tool to keep you phone, keys, etc in while yo run, but it also happens to be flat & easy to hide under most clothing. I’ve had mine for years now and the only thing that it’s noticeable under is a tight-fitted dress (though to be fair I don’y think any belt would be well disguised under tight material). Super comfortable and stretchy, different sizes, multiple colors to chose from, I hope you consider buying one!

I am loving the workout pants and tops that have pockets I bought at senitaathletics.com. Great quality and very affordable! Highly recommend the pants for pumps.

Hi @tesdangelo @Isabella.Faba @glampron,

I have a t:slim pump and I was really worried about where to put it when I first got it. I bought a multiway body band specifically meant for insulin pumps, and I LOVE IT. I wear it with literally any kind of outfit! I’ve been using it for about 2 years now, and I would never go back to using a pump clip or a leg band or anything. Here’s where I bought mine from (it’s a line for diabetics made by a diabetic!) :slight_smile: :

For many years I have worn my pump clipped to the front, center of my bra or aerobic top. The front of the pump is against my skin; the pump faces upside down so that the line comes straight down to tuck in. It’s perfect when wearing dresses, even tight ones; pretty much invisible. After 27 yrs T1, this is the best way I’ve found to wear it

Flipbelt is my daughter’s favorite, but I want to check out the link above!!