Insulin Pump

Hi! I have have only been on the insulin pump for 3 weeks now. i have the Medtronic Mini Med pump. I was wondering what any of you guys that are on the pump do when you wear dresses or skirts. I have a leg strap that I have tried wearing with skirts, but it doesn’t stay up. With loose fitting skirts and dresses I have just worn a think pair of shorts under it and hooked my pump to them. But I dont know what to do when I wear something that fits tighter. Any suggestions?

I bought an adhesive clip from “nite ize” and clip my pump inside my bra in the front between my breasts. The other place is on the waist band of the skirt pump facing inside the skirt.

Welcome to the club, Cute!

I’ve worn a mini-med pump for 17 years. I, like Janlb, wear mine between the girls clipped to my bra. The mini-med clip (that comes in the box) has always been sufficient, although I’ll have to check out the one from “Nite ize”. A suggestion, tho, find an infant sock (ask any mom for an orphaned sock, there’s always a boat load that get lost!) and put your pump in that before you wear it between your breasts. It’s more comfortable, especially when you sweat at the beach, out dancing, exercising, or any outdoor activities in the summer. I wore mine without the sock and found the plastic began to absorb my body odor. I still want to know how Halle Berry wears hers on the red carpet!

I don’t wear dresses (rarely), but the times that I have, I got a cotton head band from Claire’s Boutique, and have worn that on my upper leg underneath my dress. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I don’t have large breasts, and so I can’t hide it in my cleavage.