Wich pump is best?

Starting january 1 I can get a pump because a bigger portion of the cost will be covered. I have the choice between minimed, cozmo, animas or accu- check pumps. Wich pump will be the best in these areas: athlete, varied hunger, athletic activities vary in intensity, a person starting to go through puberty and a first time pumper. Thanks!!!

I strongly suggest looking at this site:


I'm not recommending buying from this site, but it gives a good run-down of the different pumps available and their features.

I used the MiniMed for almost 15 years (or more). It's a great pump and a great company. I recently switched to the Cozmore only because it offered features the MiniMed didn't and I felt these additional features would best fit my lifestyle. The Cozmore and the Animas are very similar with similar features (although, because of the additional features, they may be a bit more complicated than the MiniMed). The features I liked with the Cozmore (and the Animas) are the built-in "food lists" which allow you to choose the food you're eating, the portion size, and it automatically calculates the amount of bolus insulin you'll need. Also, if your blood sugar is low, it suggests how much carbohydrates you need to get your blood glucose back to "normal" (so that you don't over-due it and push your BG too high).

The best thing to do is go over the different pumps and determine which is best for YOUR lifestyle.

Hope this helps.

I would recommend two things:

One, take a look at the website: insulin-pumpers.org.  All of the pump companies list their products, and there are forums you can look at the attributes of each pump by users.

Two, you should buy the book : Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts.  This book will help you set up your basal rates and find your insulin to carb ratios. 

I have used a Disetronic pump for the past ten years, and have just decided to go for a new one from the same company (now called Accu-check).  The reason I like this particular pump is its simplicity.  Not too many bells and whistles to break.  It also comes with an extra backup pump which works well for me.  I do a lot of backpacking and like to have a spare with me in case of problems.  The longest trip was twelve days and I felt comfortable that I was covered.  I also travel a lot and like to have a spare when in a foreign country.  I traveled to the middle of Brazil, and over the rest of South America and again felt more comfortable having a backup.

However, having said all that, I've only needed the backup once in ten years.  I was on a mountain climbing trip when I had a pump alarm in the middle of the night.  Switched over and went back top sleep.

Any of the pumps will work for you, keep in mind they are only a tool.  There is no magic, it's still up to you to monitor your BG and react to them.  I do not wait until my doctor tells me what to do but rather take care of myself.  I check my basal rates every couple months and make whatever adjustments necessary.  I am not recommending you do this, but recommend that you at the very least take an active part in managing your own control.


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Managing my diabetes for 36 years with no problems, knock on wood



I am currently using a Medtronic Minimed 722 with a sensor feature which sends your blood glucose to your pump of a 12 and 24 hour period. I do not have the sensor feature but I hear it's a great way of monitoring your blood glucose..

I would say Medtronic but that is just my opion. Chose which one you will be more comfortable and Medtronic and Cosmo I believe it is have color choices while animas has two colors Grey and Blue.

Medtronic has Clear, Smoke, Purple and blue. I hope this helps you in choosing which one is best for you

I LOVE my medtronic pump! I;m a first time pumper, and it's really easy to use.