Why it is hard to take insulin and to count carbs

O i need help can someone help me I need answers

@BrittanyL29 hi Briana,
It’s hard because it is uncomfortable, unpleasant, because insulin is a strong hormone and if you take too much or too little you end up feeling terrible

When you ask why is it hard, what exactly are you asking about?

Carb counting is a skill like counting money. It just takes practice. There’s a book (and online database) called calorie king that has just about everything in it and the carb count. In the beginning you will need a scale and measuring cup until you can estimate the size and weight better.

Becoming familiar with the nutritional facts on food’s label is also very important.
its important to learn what is the size of a serving (varies on the food) and what are carbs, protein and fat (and how they impact your sugar)

generally 1 unit of short acting insulin for every 15g of carbs is a good starting point to start learning the impact of food on your sugar. You may need more, you may need less. We are all different.

Also, you need to learn what your correction factor is.
that is typically done when you are with no short acting insulin in your system (atleast 4 hours after your last dosage) and you are high. Take one unit and see how much it lowers your sugar by after 2 hours.

One website I have learned a lot from is

Joslin and ADA also have a lot of good information to learn from
there are also some very good books out there such as
think like a pancreas and
pumping insulin
JDRF’s website also has a ton of info. you can even get a free bag, filled with tons of information, or download a lot of their flyers.
novonordisk also have its own educational website for Diabetes https://www.cornerstones4care.com/ which even offers some online training

You may want to also meet with a diabetes educator or a nutritionist/dietitician. They can also help you navigate and better understand how to count carbs and manage your insulin.

start from scratch. Imagine you were just diagnosed and you need to learn everything all over again. Take nothing for granted. You are super smart and can learn to manage this.
More you know, more in control you will feel and better you will feel about yourself. More you know means better control you can achieve, which in returns means better you will physically feel and more empowered too.

Reach out either here or through email if you have any questions.
All the best!

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