Needing suggestions & support

New to this site. Been T1D for 38 yrs. Just got the Dexcom G6 CGM 2 days ago. I was stubborn arrogant know it all till blood sugars kept going from 400 to 40 continuous for over 6 months. My memory is worse than I would like to think.
Back to basics for me, such as when I read the label for carb counting. . . carbs = 45 Sugars = 18 so the total number is ?? for how much insulin if I do 15/1 unit of insulin? Thanks.

@CathyGuyodhi Cathy. Everyone’s carb ratio varies so the best thing you can do is check yours.

If you talk 1 unit for 15 grams then don’t convert carbs to carb exchanges, just use grams carb per serving. If you just ate 45 grams carbs then 1:15 means you take 3 units. (45 grams carbs divided by 15 equals 3). Get “Think like a pancreas” book everything is in there!

I’m not a doctor…

I was made to understand that Carbs is the total count you need to dose for. Sugars are a subset (a type of carb). So, I use the Carb =45 for my dosing. The amount of ‘Sugar’ within these carbs will give you a hint as to how quickly you will spike. Sugars are simple carbs which you body doesn’t need to break down before they affect your blood/sugar. While other more complex carbs take time for your body to break down, and the affect will be longer, slower than a ‘sugar’ spike.

Again, I’m no doctor. This is how it has been explained to me.