New here Insulin question

Hi, just found out about this website! Have had diabetes T1 over 13 yrs lots of ups and downs. Just wondering what insulin do you use and which one seems to work best for you?

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@LeslesT1D hi Les, I don’t know anybody with T1 that does not have ups and downs. I have used human recombinant Humalog, Novolog, Apidra and Humulin R and Lantus, as well as beef-pork insulin R and NPH. I am currently using Humalog, for the last ~10 years. For me there is no difference in the “fast” insulins (meal time insulin) except in how fast they start to work and how long they work. I have also used beef-pork N which was only kinda good for eating pizza (jk) because of the weird way it absorbed and spiked.

a real difference was switching from NPH to Lantus and then from Lantus to an insulin pump in 2005. that was a much bigger deal.

welcome to T1N and good luck hope you are well.

Loved humalog - until apidra came out, then insurance would only cover novolog. Slight difference but you adapt (sadly - what choice do you have?). Looking forward to new insulins that more closely match the way our body works. My early days were R and NPH - awful compared to what’s available today. So glad for my pump and rapid insulin. :blush:

Hi Les @LeslesT1D, I’ve used all types of insulin and, retrospectively looking, every one of them must have worked for me - otherwise I wouldn’t have had a wonderful life living with diabetes these past 60+ years.
In the 1950’s I started out with the “new” protamine-zinc insulin which was the “latest and greatest”. Since then moved on to the human-type, rDNA and now use Humalog which is made from brewer’s yeast. In my pumps, I’ve only used the rapid-acting Novolog and Humalog - depending on which my insurance companies would reimburse; these, although of entirely different construction, work almost identically in my body.

Yes the struggle is real I have gone back to the Walmart’s Novalin N and R because of insurance and it’s deductible it’s just so much. Can’t wait to switch my insurance to go back to Lantus and humalog.

@ami-one I haven’t been introduced to apidra yet and I believe it’s because I’ve told my doctor of my budget lol but currently I am taking Novalin N and R but changing back to Lantus and Humalog.

@Dennis it’s great to know that people with type one diabetes can grow old and with good care still live a normal life. Not saying your old Lol I just wasn’t here for the insulin’s they had back in that time frame. Have you always had a low A1C?

Sounds like you need better tools to manage ups and downs. I would get a pump and a CGM. Pumps use any fast acting insulin, But most insurance pushes everyone to Novolog or Apidra because they give better discounts to the drug distributors. Hopefully, the govt will force the discounts to the actual patient, instead of the insurers and intermediaries.

@LeslesT1D hi Les, there are a whole bunch of here, myself included, who used N and R for a very long time and you can make anything work with effort. Hang in there until you can get back to Lantus. Good luck. I survived over 15 years on N.

@Lavallek yes I agree! Wish insulin was as cheap as Advil lol

Every type of insulin works differently on a person, depends on your diet, exercise, lifestyle, if you do injections or pump, all these things factor on how you would respond to insulin. I used to be on injections and now I’m on pump for half of my life. The transition wasn’t hard, just learning how much to bolus for food and other stuff. You need to try and see what works for you personally.

Yeah Les @LeslesT1D, I am old - and still staying busy and physically working - pitch in on building projects occasionally. There are a couple of active people in our Medalists Group [all 50+ years living with diabetes] who were awarded their 80+ year medals a couple of years ago; my short-term goal is to have my 75 year medal hung about my neck on my 91st birthday - I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday.
The HbA1c wasn’t around when I was diagnosed [a “simple” blood sugar took three days] and I know I would have been VERY high in those days - I was a participant in the study developing A1c about 15 - 20 years after my diagnosis.
In the early days I ignored and denied my diabetes, took years off from seeing any doctor, and now I’m paying for my stupidity; my biggest current activity [other than 4 mile daily walks and bicycling] is driving to the six specialist doctors who are helping me.

Best wishes! Humalog/Lantus was one of the best changes I made. If you find that bgs go high at a particular time of day, you may want to ask your provider about splitting the lantus in half and injecting 12 hours apart. Enjoy!

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Hi LeslesT1D, in the 64 years that I have been using insulin, I didn’t notice much difference. One thing regarding the Reg and Nph from Beef and Pork on me it caused severe tissue damage, but other than that no big difference, and on me after all these years and tissue damage the fast working stuff doesn’t work any faster than the Reg. I get from Walmart. Ups and Down are normal for the majority of us, it all depends on activity, stress, emotions, diet all kinds of things. I use insulin to cover my Blood Sugar no matter what the number, I was taught way back when how to adjust my insulin accordingly that way I am not limited in the things I do or want… My Endo decided to switch a lot of her patients to the Walmart Reg. Insulin when so many of her patients couldn’t afford the fast stuff, at$350.00 a bottle vs $25.a bottle, and it’s not causing her patients any problems. My insulin intake is based on my readings, I have never been on a scheduled dosage (maybe in the very beginning) Glad you joined us we’re here to help and support. have a great day Bye jan