Which do you prefer

Certainly perfect blood sugars are my preference, but my mind set is to steer down to low, rather then have those ugly high numbers. I spoke with a fellow diabetic type 1 several months ago, that openly admitted she tried to be 300 before getting to work, this would prvent the risk of a low. I could not, and did not comment. For me, I will push at all times for a number of 80 or better, with only one exception, and that was my wedding.


What do the rest of you shoot for?

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My target is 100.  It was 80 when I was pregnant.  There's no way I could have done that without a pump.  

There are definitely people who keep blood sugar high to avoid bad lows.  I get it because I've had sloppy, debilitating lows that were embarassing.  

While I don't think it's great to keep blood sugar purposefully high, if someone isn't well controlled it may be the lesser of two evils.  Highs may or may not cause some future problem.  A low can kill you in about an hour.

I guess it depends...

any given day before meals 70-99

about to start strenuous exercise 150-180 with zero "on board" and zero basal for 45 mins

about to start mild activity 140 with zero on board

bed (for sleeping HA) 100 not dropping

300?  really? I wouldn't feel very good.  300 feels like the flu to me.

I can understand her reasoning but letting yourself go high is never a good thing. I prefer lows over high because I can tell when I am low way easier than high, unless Im really high and I hate it because going to the restroom 3-4 times during the night gets old real quick. As for excercise I have varying results, I try to have my BG between 160-180 when I go to the gym and sometimes I get lows or my BG is 100ish after my workout but other days its 200+ I guess it just depends on the strenous levels of my workout. Currently I am having absortion problems so I would kill for a few days of good sugars

still in the honeymoon period, so I have wayy more lows than highs.  But I actually prefer lows because they can usually be fixed with a quick drink of juice while with highs you have to test for ketones and such.  I also just hate the high feeling I get, nauseous and like I'm about to explode. I stay in the 80s - low 100s whenever possible but I guess that's gonna get harder when the honeymoon phase ends!

I think that keeping it at 300 is asking for trouble! Steady high blood sugars causes problems that she might not even notice until years later and why risk that? If I had to choose the lesser of the 2 evils, I'd say lows before highs. I try to stay around 120-150 b/c I have a habit of dropping extremely fast and then rebounding and going way too high. My pregnancy goals were of course a lot lower, I tried to stay btwn 80-115. I think your co-worker might need to see a better endo, that sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Good job not saying anything though, that must have been hard! I guess each person deals with their disease differently.

When I have practice if I don't start above 250 my bg drops like a rock and I can be 50 in less than ten minutes, and even at 250, I drop so fast that about 30 minutes into practice I'm low.

Anything below 10mmol/L and above 6.5mmol/L is target for me. I do for some things run myself a little high to prevent a low, such as driving. I might aim for a 12mmol/L before a long trip, because driving on the highway always makes my blood sugar drop so it makes me a bit more comfortable that I either won't go low, or at least not as fast.