Where did you put your insulin pump when pregnant?

Hey guys!

I'm currently pregnant with my first child!  14 weeks pregnant and I'll find out the gender on December 20th!

I'm starting to show now, and I'm having the hardest time wearing my insulin pump at work and to sleep.  Normally, I'd clip in onto the side of my pants.  But now with a little pooch, it feels sooo uncomfortable pressing against my belly!  When I try to place it back farther (towards my hip/but area) it always gets knocked off!!  And when I sleep, I end up pulling the site out if its on my side (that's where I lay!) and if it's by my belly, it still presses in!  I can't wear it in my bra to sleep because it will fall out as well!

It's not a huge issue right now... But I know I'll get much much bigger before my little pumpkin arrives!!  What did you do to eliminate this issue while pregnant??

Any advice helps!!!

I switched to my rear end and arms for a short while in 2nd trimester when my tummy was tight.  But soon was able to switch back to my stomach to keep the pump on my belly throughout most  of the pregnancy.  It was awesome to have such a giant space for infusion sites!  

My doctor reasssured me that the infusion site was nowhere near my uterus.  The baby would jump a little when I put a site in, but he's a well adjusted 2nd grader now.  =)

I would clip my pump to the bottom of a shirt that I wore over my pants when at home or to sleep. I found some maternity jeans with pockets which made the pump comfortable to wear out. One thing I also like to do for hoodies with pockets is to make a small hole in the pocket and feed the pump tubing through so the pump sits in the pocket comfortably and no one sees it or the tubing.

Oh, I totally misread your post and thought your were talking about the site, not where to clip the pump itself.  Not sure what kind of pump you have.  If it's Medtronic, get rid of that terrible case they send with the pump (the clip is terrible) and get one of these.

Paradigm Pump Clip

Designed to secure the pump to your belt or waistband.

It has a spring-activated clip for easy on and off usage.

Colour: Charcoal

Paradigm 511, 512: MMT-631

Paradigm 712: MMT-640

I sleep with it clipped to the hem of my tshirt/sleep shirt/shorts. That way it’s hanging around my thighs and not my hips. If it’s a thin shirt I just bunch up the fabric so it’s enough to get a good hold. I also clip it to my waistband in the back since I’m a stomach sleeper, but that only works when not pregnant!

Oh also, my dad isn’t pregnant ;), but he sleeps with it on his calf. Either my mom made or he bought a little thing that velcros on around the top of your calf and then the pump goes in a little pouch. He has the long tubing & I have the short so mine won’t reach. Another option!

Hi Taylor,

I never really had an issue with my pump when I was pregnant. I just left it clipped to my pants or inside of a pocket. Actually, now that I think about it, I kept it in my pocket a lot, it was just easier and less intrusive. When I got bigger I stuck it inside of the elastic part of my pregnancy pants on the left of right side of my hip.