When did you have your baby?

Hi Ladies!

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with a boy! He is big already (as of Monday he was measuring at 5 lbs 5 oz). I start with weekly doctor visits for weeks 32 and 33 (with Non Stress Tests) and visits twice per week starting week 34.  I know my doctors will not let me go until my due date (May 12), but I'm just wondering how far were before they induced you, had a c-section or delivered? I go back to the doctor Monday and plan on asking them how far they will let me go, but just wanted to know your story!


Sarah, congrats on the baby!

I had my son ay 39w5d. He was scheduled for an induction at 38 weeks, but my blood pressure was up just a  bit, I had been having false labor for a MONTH, was dilated to 3 cm already, and just didn't feel good at my check up a few days before the scheduled induction.

My OB wanted to induce by 39 weeks at the latest, we settled on 38 weeks due to the recommendation of the maternal/fetal dept (due to his size..he was also a biggie!) I had a vaginal delivery with the help of forceps. He was born 100% healthy, 7lb 9oz, 20" long :-)

Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your little one when he gets here! You'll do great!

I had my son at 39wks, scheduled induce. The induce wasn't working and I ended with a c-section by choice. Thank goodness because my son was 10lbs 13oz! 21inches long!!!!! He was actually measuring between 8-9pounds boy were they off!!!

Hi Sarah,

   I hope this information can help you. I was induced at 36.5 weeks because of high blood pressure. I laid there for 36 hours and even though I did not want a C section, I requested one. Sometimes induction goes well, sometimes not. Before I had to go into the hospital I had done some research on acupuncture and there are many places all over who specialize in it for pregnant woman. They can help you with a natural induction. A nurse at the hospital told me about a famous Italian restaurant in NYC that serves eggplant parmesan and something in the eggplant helps women who are overdue.

  Some women can go to full term without induction but it is rare. If you can, make sure you have a plan in writing, and notarize it.

 My son was born early, he had a lower blood sugar. I did not want him on formula and wanted to breast feed. I was never given that opportunity because I did not have it in writing.

  . I had to pump milk for 6 months. The hospital I was at was very unhelpful. The lactation consultant was part time and while she did help every time I went to nurse my son he refused and no one could assist me. He wanted a bottle because it is much easier to drink from a bottle. I never though that everything would go downhill. What might happen for you if you don't progress with an induction is that they will insist they try this thing with inflating a balloon. I refused because I knew that at 36.5 weeks my body was not ready. After 36 hours I did not want to lie there any longer.

   Induction is painful. You have a catheter inside of you which is uncomfortable. For me in felt like someone was sitting on my bladder. They put their whole hand up inside of you to see if the baby is moving down. You have to lie on your left side. When I rolled onto my back a nurse would come in and start yelling at me. You have so many IVs and a blood pressure monitor. You can't reach anything. Your blood is being drawn constantly. A good piece of advice is to get someone who is part of the anesthesia team draw the blood for you. I ran out of veins and did not want a nurse digging around for some.

 If you can, bring someone who can stay with you, because when my husband left to go home to get a shower and dinner I had to press a buzzer for 45 minutes and no nurse came. I was at a teaching hospital. I should have put my foot down and said I don't want residents working with me. It was a nightmare.

   I had a smaller baby, he was 5.6. He stayed in the NICU for a month because he was not interested in eating. He is now 11 months old, very healthy, up and crawling, getting into everything.

   Had I known all of this I would have scheduled a C section ahead of time. I hope that you can have a better experience than I did.  Best wishes!

Induction at 39 weeks, which was unsuccessful so then I had a cesarean.  Wish I had trusted my instincts and waited until the 40th week.  My pregnancy was completely healthy and there was no medical reason to induct early, other than that as a mom with diabetes I was seen as high risk.