What team names are okay for walks?

Hello everyone, I’m about to attend my first JDRF one walk and I’ve been playing around with some names. I am not that sensitive with my Diabetes but…I don’t want to be to insensitive with the name. Would you help me pick or maybe suggest ideas over what I came up with ?
*Midnight Rushes
*Greater Things : for T1D (strangers things inspired!)
*Sugar Commas. (Its a pun but also meant for the fact that, with Diabetes, there really is no breaks or “periods” [mostly scared of this one])

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@hruiz2415 Hi Hanah,
That is great that you are doing your first walk! I like “Greater Things” personally. I think you are right, “Sugar Commas” is clever, but may be offensive. Good luck with the walk!

I like Sugar Commas. Maybe you could add the name and the reasoning to a team shirt?