VOLUNTEER in OmniPod Horizon "Closed-Loop" Clinical Trial

Everyone now has the opportunity to help make the future better for people living with diabetes. Especially important for PWD who lean toward “tubeless” insulin delivery systems.

Follow this link to a safe United States, National Institute of Health webpage: Pivotal Omnipod Horizon™ Automated Glucose Control System - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov

Your reward will be wonderful!


Being a father of an 11 year old who currently uses the OmniPod Dash we are watching this one closely. I sure hope this gets approved by the end of the year as they say.

Tidepool will be starting their trials for OmniPod very soon as well

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Hi John @Buffalotypeone, will you and your child consider joining in the Clinical Trial?
Clinical trials are important and need human volunteers - it is critical that each of us step in and do our part.

Over the years I’ve participated in several trials that have now become the standard of diabetes management - very rewarding! Of course, there were other attempts that were not successful.

Is there a age restriction for this?

Ages 6-70. But the trial is all full in my area which is Chicago. The study is supposed to be done July 2020.

Hey there @Dennis - we meet again :blush:. If it’s not too personal, would you mind sharing some of your trials - the medical research ones, that is :grin:? In all my years with diabetes I’m sorry to cubes I’ve never done one. I once signed up for a service that was supposed to connect patients to trials but nothing came of it. How did you find the ones you were in?

Sure Dorie @wadawabbit, here are some - the successful attempts at helping us live a little better. I can add details if you want to hear.

  1. 1966 and continuing, Experiment to use LASER for cure for Retinopathy; first was a weapon grade Ruby LASER that had been modified.
  2. Early 1970 “glycosylated hemoglobin”, now called HbA1c.
  3. 1974 - 1985: BD Development panel - trying to make disposable insulin pens and needles.
  4. 1980 - 1995 I was tester for development of insulin pens - many I never saw on market.
  5. 1975 1980 developing multiple dosing strategy [MDI]; this was before digital glucose meters, first with urine and later with the color-changing BS strips. My work [at Joslin] was the basis for the International DCCT Study conducted 19980 to 1990 which proclaimed intensive care [MDI] was beneficial.
  6. Glucowatch, a non-invasive continuous monitor. Didn’t work for me.

Several other experiments with various doctors during my 35 years at Joslin - some I didn’t even know.

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Hi @nkim–how do you know that the Chicago study is full? When I looked, that location was marked “recruiting”, but I suppose I may have missed something.
(Also, hey, nice to meet another PWD in Chicago!) :slight_smile:

Hi Abby - I emailed the doctor heading the trial in Chicago which is at Northwestern. I have a 12 year old daughter who uses the omnipod dash so thought she could be a good fit for the study. Unfortunately, the doctor emailed that they have reached their maximum participants. She said she is getting 5-6 emails a day with people who are interested but cannot accommodate them.

I am so happy to hear this is going to the trial stage! As an Omnipodder, I have been waiting for this next step. It appears my region is still recruiting and I have already expressed my interest in assisting. Let’s see if I can’t help make T1D a little bit easier for all! :slight_smile:

How do we volunteer?
I am so excited to hear about this study!!

Hi Kirsten @capnk, just follow the link in the initial posting, see if you qualify and then follow the specific instructions on that page.

Dennis, I wish I could participate, but the study does not seem to be conducted in the Phoenix, AZ area :frowning:

That’s unfortunate Pam @pamcklein.

Since I moved out of the Boston area I found it difficult getting into these studies. I came soooooo close to getting into the “Control IQ” even though I wasn’t in a study area; I had to wait for the Tandem roll out last week and now really like how it works.