OmniPod Horrizon

Anne @Anne98, your wait for the Hybrid OmniPod “closed loop” system may not be too long. How about July 2021?

Omnipod 5 Hybrid Closed Loop pivotal trial is complete

The pivotal trial for Insulet’s Omnipod 5 hybrid closed loop, also known as Omnipod Horizon, is now complete – meaning that the technology is one step closer to becoming available for people with diabetes. Though the trial experienced a delay earlier this year, Insulet plans to share the results in February 2021 and to launch the system in the US before July 2021. This is a extract from the newsletter sent today by diaTribe:

Omnipod Horizon is an automated insulin delivery (AID) system that will integrate, or combine, the Omnipod 5 patch pump (worn for three days at a time) with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to predict sugar levels and dose insulin. Omnipod Horizon will first become available with the Dexcom G6 CGM, and later with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM – it will be the first AID system with two CGM partners. The system will be controlled via a smartphone app (or through a special device, for people who don’t use smartphones). Insulet is focusing on making the system user-friendly and simple, with alarms and adjustable glucose targets (set between 100 and 150 mg/dl) allowing people new to AID to “ease” into the therapy by beginning with higher set points and working their way down.

You can read more about the Omnipod Horizon here.


Hi Dennis
Thank you. When I have to call for any pod replacements I always ask about the new system. They always say soon or early 2021. I’ll check out diaTribe. Omni Pod has worked hard to get to this point. They built their new complex here in the Boston area about 1/2 hour from where I live. It is a beautiful facility I’ve gone to several small workshops there.

Sounds like they’re ready to go.

I am hoping that at some point they will make the pods last longer than 3 days + 8 hours. They have an automatic shut off so you are forced to change them. We are way past the days of the 3 day rule. I could get at least 5 when I had the Medtronic paradiam series and if you can wear sensors for 10 or 14 days, why not pods. It’s all in how they present it to the FDA
So for now, I’m keeping what I have. My next A1C may dictate what I do but that is not for awhile. Thank you for the info and input.

Nice that you stay on top of them for updates. So, Anne @Anne98, you are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My corporate headquarters was in Central Square before moving to Florida.
I understand wanting to get more than 3 days out of a pod, I’d usually get 4 or 5 with Paradigm, and now I put the minimum amount of insulin in tandem cartridges so I’m forced to change infusion sets at 4 days. I’m waiting for the infusion sets combined with CGM so everything is changed at once.
The Medtronic effort at that didn’t work well enough to get to market.

Actually I am in Rowley MA but originally from Salem MA

Omni Pod is now in Acton MA, a quick trip down 495 (but not at rush hour)
As much as the technology is growing tremendously, I would be happier if they could come up with a solution to eliminate all of TD1.



The reasons behind why OmniPod is 3 days (+8 hours) vs Dexcom’s 10 days and Freestyle Libre’s 14 days is a very simple one.
OmniPod is infusing insulin into your body
The Dexcom or Freestyle Libre is not infusing anything into you.
Yes, some of us can tolerate 3, 4, 5, 6 and sometimes even 7 days on the same infusion set, however some can not go past 48 hours on the same infusion set. I would LOVE for the OmniPod to go a lot longer than 3 days as the minimum fill is 88u and usually at 72-80 hours I still have 35-40u of insulin left in the pod. However, because it is infusing insulin, and it is pooling, it can cause issues under the skin, and long term health issues. Lipidystrophy is one. And other issues. Personally, I would rather change every 48-72 hours than risk complications of leaving it in longer.

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Hope insulet holds the number of alarms and notifications to a minimum or at least makes the selectable.