New injections cites? the ones i use now are slowly becoming lumpy!

I am currently using my upper arms (front and back), my butt (overall), my lower back, and my stomach (overall). My stomach is most lumpy, and im starting to notice sometimes i go high after i do a shot because it doesnt absorb compleatly. I need to find some new injection sights that i can use while the ones i mentioned before heal (how long should that take also?). I heard people use the tops of their thighs and sometimes even the insides. Can someone give me some good places where you, or someone else you know has used as an alternative sight, that actually work and absorb well??

The only other place I can think of to inject is the outside of the thighs.  I'm not sure how long it takes for scar tissue to heal, but I know that I have scar tissue on my butt from infusion sites and it has not healed in several weeks, even in the places that I haven't used recently.  Maybe you could clearly mark where your worst lumpy areas are so that you can be sure to avoid them and they don't get worse, even if you have to inject around them.  As far as I can tell, the worse the scar tissue, the longer the healing time, so it's good you're trying to stop it from progressing!

You can put your them anywhere you can give an injection. here is a diagram of places you can put your sites. I also had this issue, I had to go back to injections because my sites were pushing themselves back out of my skin from scar tissue and the insulin wasn't absorbing well. Just make sure you don't use the same spot over and over, each time you change your site make sure you use a different part of your body, and make a rotation out of it. My doctor told me it would take up to a few months to be able to use some parts of my body for sites again. It all depends on the amount of scar tissue you have there.

You might check out an iPort.  Sounds like some cool Apple device, but it's acutally just a catheter that allows you to inject insulin in the same spot for a few days, giving your other skin a chance to heal.