TypeOneNation has moved to jdrf.org!

TypeOneNation has moved to jdrf.org! Our new home will offer TypeOneNation members a one-stop resource for T1D community, resources and news.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs below.

1. What’s happening to TypeOneNation?
The TypeOneNation forum will be moving to the main JDRF website, and its new URL will be https://forum.jdrf.org. The current TypeOneNation.org website will be retired.

2. Why did we change?
The move will add the TypeOneNation forum to the main JDRF.org website, offering T1D information, news, resources and support all in one location.

3. When did these changes take place?
The new site will launch on Wednesday, June 26. The site will be temporarily unavailable on June 26 starting around 9am Eastern time, and will remain offline until the migration has been completed. Once the migration is completed, the URL http://typeonenation.org will take you to the new location, https://forum.jdrf.org.

4. Will the forum be changing?
No, the forum will remain in Discourse, with no changes to the user experience.

5. What content is staying on the site, and what content is going away?
All discussion content will be staying:

  • All existing discussion topics and replies
  • All private message history
  • Existing users’ profile information and communication preferences
  • User badges

The only content being retired is non-forum pages at TypeOneNation.org. This content will all be redirected to similar resources at JDRF.org.

6. Will I still have my old member account?
Yes, all active user accounts will be migrated to the new site.

7. Is my private message history still there?
All past private messages will be migrated to the new site.

8. If I go to typeonenation.org, will I be redirected to the new forum location?
Yes, any users who browse to typeonenation.org will be automatically redirected to the new URL: https://forum.jdrf.org