FAQs - Changes to TypeOneNation.org

We’ve launched a brand new and improved TypeOneNation.org. Our new forum will help you more easily share thoughts on the latest type 1 diabetes (T1D) tech, check out what people are saying about T1D research, see what recipes the community is cooking, and more.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs below.

About the Migration:

  1. What’s happening to TypeOneNation?
    TypeOneNation.org migrated to Discourse, a new platform featuring conversation-based discussions and expanded posting capabilities, including reply by email, image uploads, and more. In addition, all 27 current forums have been merged into a single forum, with the ability to filter discussions by category.

  2. Why did we change?
    The new platform offers a faster-loading and more mobile-friendly layout, improving your experience. In addition, Discourse loads all recent discussions on one page, making it easier for you to catch up with what’s new.

  3. When did these changes take place?
    The new site launched on October 17.

  4. What content stayed on the site, and what went away?
    The following content was migrated to the new TypeOneNation:

  • All existing discussion topics and replies
  • All private message history
  • Existing users’ profile information and communication preferences
  • User badges

The following content was not migrated to the new site:

  • Personal blogs
  1. Are the old TypeOneNation forums still accessible now that the new Discourse forum is live?
    Unfortunately, now that the new forum has been launched, the old TypeOneNation forum is no longer accessible.

Your Member Account:

  1. Do I still have my old member account?
    Yes, all active user accounts were migrated to the new site.

  2. Is my private message history still there?
    All past private messages were migrated to the new platform.

  3. What happened to my personal blog?
    In our analysis to improve the experience of TypeOneNation, we found that the personal blogs were causing confusion for the majority of members. To improve your ability to connect with the T1D community, we retired the personal blogs. Personal blogs were not migrated to the new platform.

  4. Am I able to upload a profile avatar?
    Yes, you have the choice of uploading a custom profile picture, using your Gravatar, or keeping the default profile picture.


  1. Am I still able to message other users?
    Yes, the private messaging feature is still available to users, as well as your entire past private message history. Just click on a user’s name, and select “Message” to send a private message to the user.

  2. Now that there’s only one forum, how do I subscribe to categories/topics I’m interested in?
    In the category view, select the Options menu on the right-hand side of the page, and select “Watching”. You will be notified of every new topic in the category. To subscribe to a specific topic, select “Watching” from the menu at the bottom of the discussion page. You will be notified of every new reply in the topic.

  3. What are “trust levels”, and how do they affect posting in Discourse?
    The trust levels are a system of actions that members need to take in order to get greater and greater permissions on the site. They are intended to be actions that one would naturally take, as a community member, not extra things that are hard to do. For example, a new member must explore the site a bit before s/he is able to publish a post.

Thank You Sarah #SarahTackett,

… for this wonderfully clear, easy to read and understand information about the new TypeOneNation user site. My thanks to you, and to the others in the group who invested time and talent improving this most useful tool for PWD.

How do you start a new topic? I’d like help with living alone with T1D. Thanks for your help in advance.

@W7tzn1Ck83e hi Jane. On my phone I tap the TypeOneNation banner and then there’s a big purple box “+ New Topic”. On my pc it’s almost the same.