Type 1 moving from us to canada

I havent posted here before but i was looking to get some info being i am moving from the us to canada. I have been type 1 since i was 5 i am now 35. I have an insulin pump i think i have been on the pump since 09. I was just wondering being this is very scary being i have insurance here (medicaid ) but im not sure what my options would be over there . I am working on getting citizenship in canada my fiance lives there. Does anyone know or have any information on what i should do before my next long visit to work on citizenship and any places i can contact in canada to get more info on diabetes care and coverage . Any info would really help ! Thank you so much

Hi Stephanie,
I am not that up to date on the citizenship aspect but I have been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 13 here in Canada and can pass on some information that should assist you on diabetic resources. The numger one resource is Diabetes Canada (googlen it). It is basically the same type of organization as The American Diabetes Association. On the DC home page you can find lots of information and also contacts (Telephone and email). Depending on where you will be living the best, and most important information, will be the provincial / territorial government health ministry / department websites that will give you information on how you apply for healthcare (which is the first thing you will need, and often there is a minimum residency time such as 3 months before you can get registered) and what the healthcare plan covers for diabetics in that province or territory. You should find out about the healthcare plan first because there may be a wauting period that you will need to follow before you can be covered under the government plan. There should be information on that on each individual provincial or territorial wedbsite as well. This will help you determine how much medical and diabetic supplies you may need to bring with you from the US. Most people here have an extended health care plan as well, either a group plan through their employer or a private plan purchased individually or as a family / couple / or common law relationship. The extended health care plan is similar to what I believe is called a co-pay insurance plan in the US. You will probably require some medical records or a letter from your doctor about your diabetes history. I know that DC can assist you with everything I have mentioned and probably much more as well. I have moved from province to province in Canada several times and know that the most important things are getting registerd with the provincial / territorial government medical plan first (they will provide you with a personal health care number) and then getting a doctor. Good luck! and welcome to the great white north!

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for all your help! I will look into all of what you explained and its a great help being i didnt know where to start . Will be married soon and working on everything after just as always worried about the process of everything with the health insurance. Thank you also for letting me know about the waiting period you have been very helpful and i appreciate it.
Hope you have a good day!