Can someone help me?

hi! i live in toronto, i am a type 1 diabetic and i wish to get insurance to cover my meds. but i am finding it very confusing and extremely hard to find a proper insurance coverage. my dad is the one who pays for my meds but we are a big family, i think it would help us if greatly if we found a good insurance coverage, comething that will cover an insulin pump, preferrably. does anyone have any suggestions or know of a good insurance coverage..  you would be great help!

Well, I'm not sure about private health insurances in Canada, but you can probably find something here:

Here is an article they have about who might need additional insurance to the country's free health care:

Here is their links for Consumer Info:

Good luck with your search.

Hi Tina,

I am also in Ontario.  I hope some of what I have to suggest will help!

1)  Visit this link:  It should bring you to a PDF pamphlet by Ingle Insurance company.  If nothing else, it might answer some questions.

2)  Are you aware of the Govt. of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care's Assistive Devices Program?  It used to be only for children, up to the age of 18, but just over a year ago, it was extended to adults as well.  That's how I got my first pump ever last year!  Long story short, they'll pay for a pump every five years, plus they send a cheque for $600 every 3 months (for a total of $2400/year) to cover supplies.

3)  Have you shopped around for the cheapest place to get your pump supplies?  I order online from .  They are the cheapest I have found, they are efficient ant they deliver right to your door.

Again, I hope this helps.  If I can help any further, don't hestitate!