Type 1 and other Auto Immune Disorders ..does pregnancy trigger an auto immune?

I hope you are well. I did not know what category to put this under but it deals with fear of trying for another child…and just general health…
I have Hashimoto’s diagnosed 2013 then I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2016.
I have a theory… I was 25 when I was pregnant with first child… had ok pregnancy but extremely stressful delivery…very stressful…fast forward 9 months the doctors discover i have Hashimoto’s take a whole year to get balanced out. Then in 2016 pregnant with twins- naturally- very excited… got sick…before I know it going thru a DKA and had a still birth. So I’m wanted to try for one last child…but scared to death that it will _r_igger another autoimmune disorder. _
_So I’m trying to see if its related to gene mutation…in which case should i get a gene screening…? Gene are out of my control… but maybe to be for warned… if I have a higher chance of one auto immune verses another…

Are there people who have type 1 and then will get another autoimmune…if so what one… I’m trying to see if there is a pattern??

Do you get auto immune disease just from the stress on the body…
Also how can I better handle being sick with a cold…and having high blood sugars all the time…im not on a CGM just meter and insulin pens…
Thanks so much for you help!!!

first, all apologies @sunshine210 for posting in a topic that I cannot be qualified to post in.

it’s my opinion that the very same autoimmune attack on insulin beta cells is what affected your thyroid. many people with t1d also have hypothyroid due to autoimmune attack.

as for the rest - I don’t know if there is associative groupings of autoimmune attack data or how that data are affected by pregnancy. good luck to you!