Type 1 and Brazilian jiu jitsu

Anyone have any problems with training BJJ or Judo ? I have been training for about 6 months now and my glucose has gotten a lot better but still experience lows frequently. Anyone else have any issues?

Not sure if you’re on a pump, but offer this if you are…

I’m the T1D, but my son has been involved with Brazilian Jim Jitsu for many years, so I understand the kind of exercise you’re talking about. Personally, I am a cyclist, which also has a mix of endurance and high intensity activity. Over time, I have worked out how to temporarily reduce my basal rates in order to avoid lows. A very simplified example would be to eat a small amount of carbs and protein and reduce my basal rate to 75% of normal about one hour before exercising. There is a website and Facebook page, Diabetes Strong, you would probably find helpful.

There a woman on Instagram that I follow, she is a MMA fighter and has t1d ( and works in the medical field)
She might be able to guide you and give you good tips.
Her Instagram is lyricendert1d
Hope this helps