Working out Lows!

Hi everyone! I am coming up on my tenth year having type 1 diabetes and as you all know, I am still learning and changing. I am in college and do daily workouts that are something like endurance with crossfit mixed in. I am on no basal during or before working out and can still drop by 100 to 150 and drink 60-100 carbs to get through my workouts. What I am wondering is if you may have a favorite low treatment during sports or activity that doesn’t fill your stomach so much as drinking 3 or 4 juice boxes! Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

Hi Laurel! I use glucose tabs during my workouts. They are a quick and easy way to refuel without taking time out of my workout. I carry my own but most gyms should have them on hand too.

Hi Laurel,

when do you drop basal? I find I need to shut it off for nearly an hour before endurance sports. a slow burn carb like a cliff bar (or favorite, but it works better when it’s a low glycemic index carb with protein and fat)

when was your last meal before endurance? IOB (insulin on board) kills me. 1 unit on board can drop my blood sugar 100+ if I am doing anything endurance - and my normal sensitivity is 32! remember, fast insulin hangs around for up to 6 hours (in some people) after a meal bolus.

depending on your level of control, if you are lower than 80 mg/dl your liver might dump it’s sugar reserve leaving you with nothing to fuel your muscles with during endurance training. if you are aggressively treating, you might do better with 6 hours at or around 120 md/dl. with glycogen in your liver, enduro workouts get fueled by your liver while your bs stays good.

packing in calories from juice stinks when you are trying to work out. you might have to experiment with basal and IOB a little.

good luck!

Hi Laurel, well I guess the positive note is that you have an amazingly fast metabolism, and your ability to burn through carbs is accelerated. Maybe as some preemptive advice, consume some healthy fats such as nuts or peanut butter along with some fruit before working out. This will absorb a little slower, and maybe counteract the sudden drops. To answer your question as far as treating lows, I have had the most success with the gel packs. They are designed for runners, and I think “Cliff” makes a good one with somewhere around 23 grams of carbs per pack. There are a bunch of them out there, so find one you like. Also, you can allow it to get under the tongue a little easier for faster absorption. Good luck,

@2tonmule, haha I didn’t read your response before posting…(cliff bars) I guess we were thinking along the same line.