Two year old getting first pump

My son is two years old an is getting his pump tomorrow. Is there anything you wish you would have done to prepare your child? Anything you said, especially to a young child, that made the process easier?

I cannot offer advice but I wish you good luck :-)  since my son is on shots.

Two is a tough age to do anything.  I don't know if they can really be reasoned with.

How has he done with shots?  The great thing about a pump is you only have to go through that every 3 days.

Explain the process and you might consider having a treat, like he can watch his favorite video, right after site changes.  If your child is really combative during the site changes, consider doing them after your son has gone to sleep.  It can be a little uncomfortable when the insertion needle is put in, but usually you can't feel the site after a few minutes.  

When you first start the pump it can seem a little overwhelming.  The first site change on your own can be intimidating.  Just take it one step at a time and know that if you mess up you can start over.  You'll be totally fine.  

Let us know how your son does and what you find that helps him.

Good luck. I'm unable to help also since my son is still taking shot.

My son is 2.5 years old and will be beginning the pump in a few months (when the new omnipod comes out), we're very excited! He has a cgm now, which doesn't work all of the time but our insurance covers it and I thought having it might help him get use to the idea of having sites placed. My son HATES shots, so I think the first few times placing the site might be difficult but when he realizes that he only has to do that every 3 days versus several shots each day, he might get over it. He use to do really well with the CGM site placement but has recently started getting irritated with us over it. It's impossible to place in his sleep but I do find that doing it after a nap or even toward the end of the nap makes it easier. I can get the site prepped before he wakes up... I hate for him to have to wake up like that, but it makes it easier.

You'll learn to have very quick hands, as I'm sure you've done with giving shots! Good luck to you and your son!

My son started on the Animas Ping at 2 years old and took it fine.  We actually let him pick a piece of candy to have while we change his site as a "treat" and now that he's on the pump you just bolus him right away for it and his blood sugar doesn't go sky high.

Also, they make a numbing cream you put on the skin 30-45 minutes before you change his site and it's wonderful especially with young kids.  Ask your endocrinologist for a prescription!!!