T minus 15 days and counting

My daughters pump has arrived and we have been playing with it over the last week. We chose the Ping and I am so freakin nervous about switching my little girl from injections. I know it will work out just fine but the thought of going through the learning process again makes me sick to my stomach. She's going to turn 3 about ten days after we start the pump and I am begining to wonder if we made the right decision to start pumping at such a young age. This thing looks sooooo huge on her little belt and we havent even let her sleep with it on yet! Any words of encourgement or personal stories would be greatly appreciated.

I can almost guarantee that your three year old will adjust to the pump quicker than you do :)  I was a counselor for many years at a summer camp for T1D kids, and so many of my little ones had pumps.  It just becomes second nature for them to be attached to their pump.  And there are so many cute kid-friendly accessories you can find online these days.

Good luck with your new journey of pumping.  Keep us updated about how your little one does!

   I know exactly what your feeling cause I just put my two yr old daughter on the Animas ping today and everything you mentioned is what I was feeling only hours ago. As soon as she put the pump on she was fine. However, the insertion part didnt fair to well.  I know that can easily be worked out by inserting her in the morning before she wakes up so thats a relief. When you do go make sure you bring your Insulin and a few inserts it took us a few times my daughter wasnt having any of it because its just not natural. ( THIS DISEASE SUCKS!!  ) If you have any questions write them down it really helps.