TTC with high sugars


I am new to this site. I am 35, was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at 30. My inital A1C was over 15%, it has since been down in the 8% range with a few under 8%. In September, I met with doctors to try and plan a pregnancy, they suggested my A1C be below 7% at time of conception. I then saw them again a month later, too soon to check the A1C again but they gave me the green light to start TTC, based on my numbers from that month.  I have an appointment next week to see my new A1C level which I think will be below a 7% based on my last 3 months of really good numbers.  So, we have been TTC, and the last 2 weeks, my sugars seem to have bounced back up into the 200s, with no real explanation. A few I can attribute to Christmas snacks, but for the most part they just seem higher than they should be based on the last few months and my diet for TTC. I read another post saying that in the first few weeks of pregnancy, people have seen their sugars do the same thing. Is this really common? I do not know if I am pregnant, it would be too early for a home test. I should be able to check by next week, putting me around 3 weeks now if I am in fact pregnant. I am just curious if this could be an early sign that I could be pregnant? Thanks, I have really enjoyed reading your posts, it hasbeen very helpful.

Any other suggestions for TTC, and being pregnant with Type 1 would be helpful!



Get a First Response or other early pregnancy test.  I got a positive about a week after I conceived.  If you get a negative result this early, it's still possible that you're pregnant and should then test again after you've missed a period.

Pregnancy could possibly be causing the higher numbers, could also be holiday stress or fighting off a cold.  Don't stress about it too much.  If you have a high reading at the same time for several days straight, you should ask your doctor's advice on making a small insulin dose change.  

Good luck with getting pregnant.  If you don't already have one, I'd really recommend using an insulin pump during your pregnancy.  It will allow  you to have really tight control and keep up with extra insulin needs.  

Take care.

Thanks. I am looking into getting a pump.  Do you have a recommendation for which kind is best?  I have heard that the pump is alot more expensive than injections. Do you find that your pump gets in your way with clotes and activites, etc??  If it keeps me in control I am sure it is worth it, I just would like to know if it is really bothersome to wear or to clean and so on? Thanks again!

Hi EmilyTTC, I have worn an Omnipod insulin pump for many years. It is wireless meaning you dont have any of the tubing(can wear it on the lower back, stomach and arms). and its waterproof so you dont have to worry about showers or swimming.  Also, you only have to change it every 3 days.  I do believe it is more expensive but its worth it! Hope this helps!

Pumps are more expensive and would be tough without good insurance.  But realistically you shouldn't consider having a baby as a type 1 unless you have good insurance.  Call your insurance company and ask the specific costs for a pump and supplies.   If money is that tight, you might not be ready to have a baby yet because raising a child is WAY more expensive.

Main pumps right now are:

Medtronic Minimed Revel  (500 series hold 150u of insulin/ 700 series hold 300 u of insulin)

One Touch Ping (has carb calculator, which is cool)

Omnipod (no wire, but part that attaches to skin is larger than traditional pumps)

You'll have to try them and determine which is best for you.  Contact Medtronic and Ping for demos.  They have sales people throughout the country and most cities have frequent demo sessions at local hospitals.  You can get a free sample of the OmniPod from their website.

My biggest reason to put off getting a pump was I didn't want to be attached to something.  But it wasn't a big deal and I adjusted quickly.  It's about like wearing glasses or having your iPhone with you at all times.  Medtronics and Pings also detach easily for showers, sex, etc.  I've camped with my pump, worn it to the beach, wore it with my wedding dress, and used it through my pregnancy and with a young baby.  

The book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh gives a great overview of pumps, though it is a little older and doesn't have much on OmniPods.  

Thanks TiffS and jenna for the information.

Money isnt that tight and I have really good insurance. I was just curious what the difference is so I can budget and change our finances accordingly. Ill call my ins to find out what it would be for my plan. I will have to try the demos. before making a decision and talk to my doctor about it.

I think Ill go get some books to this weekend.. this one and there were others people recommended on the site.

Thanks again...