Trying to start a family

Hello! My husband and I want to start our own family. I have been a T1D since I was 17 months old and I will be 25 in November. Any advice, words of wisdom, anything is welcome!

Hi Diabeticemt!
I’m T1D since I was 4 years old and I got pregnant, without expecting it, when I was 27. In that moment my Hb wasn’t good at all and I was informed about all the things that could happen because of that reason. In less than two months I reduced my Hb to 6.2, amazing for me those days, and thankfully my son just had a minor health issue when he was born and after a year he was absolutely fine. Now is a perfect healthy boy, but I was so worried during my pregnancy that I didn’t enjoyed it enough.
So my only recommendation is to make a plan with your doctor with 6 months in advance, have a proper Hb levels and during the pregnancy look so well after you and your baby, managing as better as possible your diabetes to have an enjoyable pregnancy as a non-diabetic mum.
Good luck and enjoy the moment, the time flies. Xx.

Hi D! Yes I had the highest A1C levels ever when it conceived my first son at age 25. I’m was living in denial having been diagnosed at 21.Yes in was panicking! But my endocrinologist was very comforting and got me on track in 2 months as well. Assured me IN hadn’t harmed the fetus at that early in the pregnancy. Lukas was born via C section. A bit jaundice. He had to stay under incubator lights for a couple of days ,6.13 lbs. Just perfect! 7 years later,another son! The 7 year difference and back to high A1C’s, played havack on my
body. It gained and lost 100 lbs with both pregnancies. Instead of my diabetic retinopathy going away after pregnancy it Excella rated! (Bbecause of rising BS levels). Adrian wS born almost 11 lbs and it had to undergo serious labor treatments and virtrectomg in left eye. It seems to me that pregnancy for diabetcs can do more damage to mom,not the baby. They are so worth it though!! You MUST always keep a sense of humor going.
Maybe life is a type 1 is easier for you because you know no other life without it. In a way you are blessed for that!! Good luck!! Keep us updated☺

I adopted because I didn’t want to take a chance on passing on the disease. My Father was a Type 1. I wish you the best.

I’m Chrissy F not R. I changed it in my profile. I hope it fixes that.

Thank you ladies! I have gotten in with an amazing obgyn that is also able to handle the diabetes. With that being said even though I’m not pregnant yet he is working on insulin changes and getting my a1c down. My last visit to my endo my a1c was 10 (awful and scary) since seeing my obgyn he has already brought it down to 8.8! Still not the best bit making improvements. My other question is did you have a hard time getting a accurate result with home pregnancy test?