Pregnancy w/T1

My name is Nathan and my spouse and I will be trying to get pregnant after our marriage in March of next year. She has T1 and has had it for about 23 years of her life and I wanted to ask for any advice from others with T1 or from the partners of things her and I should be aware of when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. This will be our first child. Thanks.

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Hello Nathan @nathantheone87, you and your proposed spouse, are very wise to be seeking this advice now. For one thing, because with pregnancy, her body will be going through many changes so the first advice is that she have very good management of HER diabetes and everyone is a unique person. No, I’ve never been pregnant.
There is plenty of very good advice already posted here, so instead of creating a totally new “Topic”, I suggest that you enter relevant key words in the search box at the top right.
Then if she still has unanswered questions, I suggest that she then post those requests for suggestions.

Good morning I saw your post, I’ve been a T1D for 38 years I was diagnosed at the age of 2 years old. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children from 10 yrs, 5 yrs and 11 months. as long as your wife manages her sugars, eats moderately , and exercises she will do just fine.

Hi:) The most important thing is that she b in tight control before conception. An A1c under 6.5, fastings 80-120. Assemble a good health care team; Endo, Nurse Educator, OB, PCP, and Dietician. Make sure they’re all on the same page bc I’ve seen a lot of disagreement and misinformation passed on to couples and cause unnecessary stress. The most important things to constant bg monitoring, insulin adjustments, and diet. I had my kids in the early and mid 90s when there wasn’t cgm, and pump therapy wasn’t really encouraged. If she’s not on a pump, talk w her team 4 suggestions. I’ve had some patients start 4 the first time while pregnant and have a tough time. It takes a while 2 get the hang of using a pump and at the start of a first pregnancy, can b pretty overwhelming. I can’t stress enough that every pregnancy is different. Some women have an easier time handling bgs, some don’t. Get ready 2 hear all kinds of stories. Somebody knows somebody who was diabetic and…insert tragedy here. Also you guys may probably talk to women who have perfect A1cs and bgs. Your wife may then feel like she’s not doing enough even though she is. Just remember everyone is different. Some of the things I went through, xtrem unexpected lows, lots of xtra nausea and heart burn, and preeclampsia… something the docs can explain better then I can in a post. My outcome however was 2 healthy babies who never developed T1. There is to much 2 write in a post so this is the time 2 consult her healthcare team. She can have successful pregnancies w more xtra work then she normally already does. Good luck.