Dexcom G6 bluetooth connection with iPhone 8

Hi all – this is my first post; my 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with T1 on August 30. I’ve been lurking on the boards periodically since then, and really appreciate everything that this community shares.

Our issue right now: Our insurance covers the Dexcom G6, which has been a great tool since she got it on October 3, but for some reason her phone is periodically losing the connection to the sensor. At first we thought it was her phone, which was a few-generations-older iPhone, but it has been happening since we upgraded to a newer iPhone for her specifically for the Dexcom.

Our question: Do any of you know if there’s a setting on the iPhone that could be causing the signal loss, or is this more likely an issue from the sensor itself? Turning her phone’s Bluetooth off and on usually helps, but it would be great if we didn’t have to do that in the middle of the night.


I think I’ve seen this issue documented in one of the Dexcom-related Facebookgroups, Dexcom G6 Users or Dexcom G5/G6 users.

Thanks, Mike – I’m not on Facebook, but this may give me a reason to join! :grin:

My daughter uses the G6 and an iphone 6 and I monitor with an 8. I talked to Dexcom about this issue that appeared after we updated the IOS. They told me that the new IOS is still in testing and that is probably what is causing the issues as it is not completely compatible. They list the supported IOS on their website. I also found out that you can go to an Apple store or someone that is an Apple dealer and they can roll back your IOS. We haven’t done the rollback but find that if we lose connection that it helps to shut down the phones and restart. In most cases the data resumes.

I have a G5 and use the iPhone 6s with it. I want to get the G6 because it limits the amount of testing I have to do. Went from 10 x per day to 2 x per day.
But loss of signal happens all the time to me. Get 25 feet away ,signal loss, have your phone on the counter with your back turned and then signal loss, usually it comes back in 5 min without any changes. Somtimes if I have it in my back pocket while riding in the car, signal loss.
Soon the person with the meter will learn what to do to stop some of these things. All you can do is call dexcom and they will help with the software issues. But there is a learning curve 90deg up from not having one. It takes some time to learn what you can & cant do.

Your not alone, seems everyone has these issues.
The 3 am alarms are a pain, especially the 5th or 6th nite in a row. You will be tired from not having sleep. Usually if I’m under 150 I will have a snack before bed so I can sleep the nite thru. I usually have a snack 7 days a week. It doesn’t always work! It helps but after a while it wears on you. So be prepared for some ( A LOT) of crankiness from that.
I find for me if I keep my remedy for lows in one place I feel better about things. I keep a basket of candy on kitchen counter cause it’s the center of the house for me. It helps reduce stress related lows, yes that is real, also don’t move the place you keep it. For me it’s an irrational fear, I freak out if it’s moved. But it helps to know it’s there at all times and everyone knows don’t touch dads basket or move it. This also helps at night, I have to wake up to take care of myself, turn off the alarm etc. pain cause I have to wake up but it’s better in the long run. So it may help.
The senor placement helps too. I find that about 5 inches away from belly button and about pant line is best. Easiest to put on. But when doing things it keeps it sorta outta the way, most tomes.
Showering can affect it too, so I don’t get it soaking wet when in the shower, I kinda turn to the side to protect it. Use 2 or 3 in a week it gets expensive. I pay $ 103.00 per month for 4 of em and well at $75.00 in a week. You get my point!
Good luck hope I’ve helped a little !

Thanks, Kris – turning the phone off and on does seem to help. And good to know about the iOS!

Thanks, Charles – hearing about your experience definitely helps! Much appreciated.

Not sure if you still have your problem, but I had the same issue with the Iphone 8.
The automatic Auto-Lock causes the bluetooth to drop out.
Turn the Auto-Lock setting under Dispay & Brightness to “Never”

Hope this helps…