How to Fix the Signal Loss with Dexcom G6

  1. Delete G5 App. The Dexcom Rep said that many patients still have their old G5 app, make sure to delete this once you are using your G6 app, it can help you get a better connection.

  2. Turn off and back on your Bluetooth. (simple but can be all your G6 app needs)

  3. Reset NETWORK settings.

Settings > General > Reset (2nd to the last button) > Reset Network Settings

After your phone turns back on from the reset, it will ask you to rejoin your current interment network, next tap on your G6 app. It should then immediately try to pair with the transmitter that is currently connected with the sensor you are wearing. If it is unable to pair, know that this issue is more than bad signal, but it is a bad sensor. Call Dexcom Tech Support to get a new sensor (individual sensors are valued at $164).

To give you a little background on myself. I have had T1D for 23 years. I’m a Diabetes Educator and a Registered Dietitian. I love working with diabetics to help them through burnout and feel in better control because I understand what they are going through on a personal level. I have had a lot of wonderful people in my life, so if I can be of help to you and your diabetes, I’m here for you.

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We’ve noticed the connection issue too, thank you for the tips!

You are very welcome! I have also found that if you use Skin Tac, make sure to either mark and/or make sure you don’t put the sensor insertion part where the Skin Tac has been. I found that out the hard way.

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my daughter has the sensor & i have the dexcom app on my phone. im not w her 24/7 so im constantly losing signal. i was told i need to get her a phone so that she can have the app herself to share with us. does anyone know how much data the app uses. should i get a phone that has unlimited data or would a phn w 3gb be enough data for her if its only being using specifally for her sensor??

The app shouldn’t use a significant amount of data. 3GB a month should be more than enough. Keep in the mind the data being sent to Dexcom’s cloud is very small even though the update is 5 minutes. You can also verify the cellular data usage per app on the iPhone (as well as Android) to verify how much the app is using. Additionally, if she is connected to WiFi at the school or at home, it wouldn’t count against her cellular data usage.

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My son has an IPhone XS. We are new to the dexcom G6. We kept having the issue of his phone losing data overnight. I ran upon this discussion and it helped! Until I noticed we kept losing data even after doing what tips you gave. So I was determined to figure out what the issue is. And I did!!! These tips are very helpful but I also found out that the dexcom G6 app has to be running in your background to keep from losing the signal. So when you go to close out all of your apps on your phone please remember to allow dexcom app to remain opened in the background. Hope this helps! And thank you for your help!