This one's for the ladies only - help design the perfect diabetes accessory!

Hey girls,

Just over a year ago I graduated from college. I've been a diabetic since my junior year of high school and ever since my diagnosis in 2005, I have been desperately trying to figure out a better system to carry around all of my supplies. As I'm sure many of you can agree, lugging around our pens, test kits, glucogons, etc. can be a HUGE PAIN. Especially if we're traveling, going out at night, or staying somewhere for a weekend. Not to mention, there are no products out there that are fun, fashionable, and practical that are made for women ages 18 and up!

I would love to have your help by hearing your opinions on what YOU think would make the IDEAL diabetes accessory and a little bit about your daily routine and the way your diabetes supplies impacts your preparation for the different activities that make up your life. All of your answers are confidential and are being used to help create a prototype for an online boutique opening within the year.  It will be specializing in diabetes accessorizes and products for high school, college, and young women who want to take great care of themselves, manage their diabetes well, look great and feel confident while doing so!

Thank you so much for your help! And please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, opinions, or questions outside of the survey!

Here's the survey:

Using small clutches or cute make up bags can help :)

Hi!  I think some kind of cute bag/ clutch/ purse would be great. Something that can hold everything, but isn't too cumbersome to carry around.  My black case I have now, is only big enough to carry my meter; I got another case that can carry more, but it doesn't really have pockets that are the right sizes.  So, something that can carry everything, and has little pockets and such would be great!  And of course it has to be cute and pretty  :)