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There was a thread recently asking about ways to carry your diabetes stuff, and just coincidentally, I saw an ad for this site that basically consolidates a bunch of retail links in one place. Happy shopping!

Is it possible to place the url in addition to the link?

I don’t know how, but maybe someone else does? I just copied and pasted the URL into the post, and it magically became a link…

Here you go:

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Thanks for your help!

has pump cases, belts, straps etc… for kids and adults.

Yes. I got a custom case for my glucometer from an Etsy shop called Needlbagdesigns. Looks like she’s on hiatus, but she made exactly what I needed, to my specifications, in the color I wanted, for an entirely reasonable price. And I’m sure there are other skilled crafters there who would do the same.

Note: Never follow a Google link to an Etsy shop. Etsy updated their policies a year or so ago to charge shop owners for “advertising.” But instead of doing anything new with ads, they just take a big slice out of any sale from anyone who clicked a Google link to get to Etsy in the last several months. Instead, go to Etsy directly and use the site’s own search feature.

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Good to know - thank you for the info!