Thinking about starting a T1D club

Hey everyone! For a while now, I have wanted to start a T1D club at my highschool to spread the word about T1D and to bring the Type 1 Diabetics in my school together. The problem is, I’m not exactly sure how or if it would work well. Has anyone started a “T1D Club” at their school? If so, how is it going? Any tips for someone like me? Input is greatly appreciated!

That’s cool that this would even be an option for you - in my school of 1500, I was the only one! You might want to consult with your school nurse on this. There are privacy laws (HIPAA) that make disclosing a health condition a little tricky, but your nurse can probably advise on how to go about finding each other. You might need to meet off-campus, and you might need to be discreet about how you distribute your meeting information. Have fun!

Thank you!