High School T1D club?!

Hey, since most of you are teens and are in high school I was wondering what you think of my idea: so in my school there are a LOT of type one diabetics and we don’t really have time to meet each other and stuff, so I was thinking of making a diabetic club at my school just to share our story and recent updates on out diabetic life! If there was a club like that at your school would you join? Do you think its a good idea? And if you think it is what might we do other than talk in this club? Thanks !

So I tried doing that at my school. However, a lot of schools have regulations on club membership and creating a club. I found it was really hard to connect to most diabetics become they were not ready to come out as a diabetic. Therefore, it was hard to get people to commit to the club pre creation (my school requires a certain amount of people to commit to joining the club if its created). Also, my school requires that clubs can not only be for a certain type of people (for just type one diabetics). So pretty much to make a T1D club at my school was seemingly impossible for me, and I just decided to try to make more friends when I saw them at the nurses office. Good Luck!

It is a great idea to join forces with other T1D. We have things in common that others can’t possibly understand. I just try to take every opportunity to meet others like myself.