Testing in the Classroom

how many people are allowed to test in the classroom? I'm just wondering, because my school doesn't allow me to and I'm trying to figure out if I'm the only person who isn't allowed! I go to a big school and I have to walk all across the building to get to the nurses office. Is anyone allowed to test?

Okay, so, technically, I'm not really supposed to test in class, but this last year, I asked the school nurse (very nicely (=) if, since I'm no a pump and don't have to inject, I could just test in my 3rd period class before lunch instead of having to come all the way down to the counseling office just to test. So, she agreed, and told my 3rd period teacher (who was the same all year, and more like a friend than a teacher to me) that I would be testing before lunch. I was always too busy to test before leaving for lunch, though, so I just started testing in the hall when I sit down to eat with my friends. The principle and other staff have walked by while I'm doing it, and they don't seem to mind (especially one of the teachers who has T1, and who knows me because his daughter, who also has T1, was a counselor at my diabetes camp). Now, I just test in whatever class I want to. I know I'm probably not supposed to, but my teachers see me doing it all the time, and they all like me, so they don't seem to mind. (=

So, try sweet talking the nurse or whoever to let you. It's really inconvenient to have to go all the way to the nurse's office just to test, especially if your low and have to walk a long ways. My school is also pretty big- there are 10 buildings, and you have to go outside to get to each one.



I go to a kinda small private highschool and they let me test in class if i want to...but i pretty much never do. I just stop at my locker before lunch and test when i am there. i always have the middle shelf in the locker empty so i can set my tester there and then just do what i need to do. My locker is also conveniently placed right next to the cafeteria. :) 

i too go to a small private school. and i am allowed to. but before i went to that school i looked into going to a public school (i was homeschooled before then) and i woudnt have been able to test in the classroom there. so i think it kinda depends on size of school...

haha well we already tried sweet-talking the nurse, but she said she had no control over that because it was a "school policy". so we're going to try the principal, but I doubt she'll budge. So if worst comes to worst i guess i just use the bathroom. 

i could test in the classroom whenever i wanted. this year... i dont know. i should though

yes you absolutley should! think of people like me who can't and embrace your right to test wherever you want!

thats so dumb that ur not allowed to test in the classroom. did they tell u cant?

yup. they said that it would be a violation of a "school policy", but the policy was obviously created by someone who has no knowledge on diabetes!

Thats not even a good reason! im sorry that really stinks. Schools can be soooo stupid sometimes

so im figuring out

it does get better tho! my nurse in like 4th grade literally stood over my shoulder while i did shots and asked me about every move i made. it was sooo annoying. now the nurse at my school leaves me alone and im hardly ever in the nurses office anyway. I love the independence

The reason I used to not be able to was also because of a school policy. It had something to do with the fact that testing involves blood, and I need to do it where I can properly dispose of the blood, and blah blah blah. I convinced them that there really is barely any blood when I test, so I thought it was ridiculous. So, they reconsidered and decided to let me do it. (=

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my mom works for the school district (not my school, but the same city), so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. And, since I've been in the same district, just moving from elementary to middle to high schools, everyone knows me pretty well. We have a district wide nurse, so I've had the same school nurse since I was diagnosed in 3rd grade (I'm now a junior in high school). That may also have something to do with it. Since they know me so well, they know that I'm responsible enough and trust me.

yes thats what they told me too, about the blood. But we told her that we wanted the policy for someone picking a mosquito bite and it bleeding a little. Do they have to go down to the nurses office? We also asked if there were any diabetic teachers in the school and we found out there was one, and we asked if he had to come down to the nurses office to test. He didn't. So we are going to try the principal and we are also filling out forms through the ADA filling a complaint.

techniccally you can test wherever you want cuz its for your health.  If the teachers get all mad at you for doing it then tell them you have to because if you dont you can be sick.  most teachers will understand. im in highschool and most of the teachers make sure you test(if you have cool ones that is) so you should just stick up for yourself its so much easier not to go up to the nurse's office every time you have to test

well alex im able to test in the classroom, but i have to notify my teachers on the first day of school (which is 2morrow) and tell them i have diabetes. at first i wanted to test in the class but then i changed my mind because i didnt want the other kids to freak out , or think i was wierd if i did. so then i decided to test outside the room. short story short... i can test in the classroom and good luck trying 2 make things work. HAVE AN AWESOME FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL!!!!!!

I am allowed to test in the classroom and anywhere else at school.  After a year in high school I basically don't go to the nurse anymore unless I feel really low between classes or run out of test strips or something.  The whole "school policy" stuff is crazy!  My high school is public and there are 10 kids with diabetes there so luckily they don't care.  You should talk to the superintendant or even your principal or nurse because if you are responsible you should be allowed to check wherever you want/need to.  And if they say no you can always do it behind their backs ;)

I'm not supposed to in class/anywhere except the office. Which is dumb, because if I was low and walking to the office to test and passed out on the way, they'd be liable and I could sue them. But I was sick for a week in November and so my mom set up a 504 plan with the school that's supposed to let me test wherever I want. It's also dumb because I'm not the first kid in a while to have diabetes at my high school. Another girl graduated two years ago, it shouldn't be that hard to remember how to treat them.

What's dumber is that at my jr. high I could test wherever I wanted. At elementary school, I tested in the office when I was in 3rd grade, but in 4th tested in the classroom before lunch and in 5th tested in the lunchroom. Then I get into high school and it's all, 'you can't test anywhere except the office'. Dumb.

They still don’t want me to… and besides, I don’t really test at school, it’s too much of a hassle. If I feel low I grab some fruit snacks and try to shove them in my mouth between classes… For me the bigger problem is not being allowed to eat in classes, and it’ll be worse this year because I have a zero hour… going from 6:00am to 11:30 or 1:00 (two lunches, varies by what class you have, it’s super dumb) is not a viable option without food.

It's a law that you have to be able to. The American's With Disabilities Act has an entire section on Type I diabetes; it is ridiculous for them not to let you. And plus, just do it anyway! You have to. I do it all the time, during tests, during lectures, during movies, when people are talking, and then I'll eat. Just do it. 

haha thanks everyone for your awesome advice! today was my third day of school and i pretty much just test when i need to. Today i skipped out on going to the nurses office before lunch and no police dogs were sent out to track me down and drag me there so i think i should be ok. My mom has a meeting set up with the principal to see if she can get me the right to do it legally, but seriously who is going to punish me for treating my medical condition that sometimes requires immediate attention?