Telling People

I'm off to college in another city in a couple of weeks, and I'm concerned about the time period between arrival and making friends-- when did you tell people? I've heard that it's more important that your close group of friends know what to do. know the symptoms, etc. But I worry about sort of going it alone for a bit. Any advice?

As long as you tell your roommate and resident assistant and whatever other community leader type people your school has (mine has first-year peeps called 'peer mentors) I think you'll be fine. Obviously, friends are key, but you should be fine for a week or two with just your roomie and hall leaders knowing.

I am kind of in the same situation, headed off to college and I don'r know anyone around campus so I guess I just plan on telling my roommate ( not really sure how to bring it up) and the RA, but eventually I think it's a good idea to let most of your friends know


Hi there

im in my third year of college and i remember my first time moving into the college area.... >.<

It is important to make sure to tell your roommate and floor resident, just in case anything ever happens.

And when it comes to the friends you make, just wait to figure out who you're going to be hanging  out with the most, and when u get closer let them know.

*also! since its ur first yr! and u dont know anyone im assuming...BE OPEN! BE FRIENDLY! everyone is in the same situation as you are so its nice to just get to know everyone on your floor :D and know ur neighbors :] good luck in college!

I'm going into my 4th year of college and I know a lot of things about Diabetes can be hard, but telling people about it should be one of the more easier things! Like everyone else said, tell your RA & anyone else who is in an authority position and most definitely your roommate(s). Just casually bring it up. I promise, it may seem awkward, but it's not. Most people understand & will probably just ask questions. Good luck!