TCOYD in Des Moines, Iowa

Hello everyone!

In Des Moines on Saturday, September 25th from 7:30am-4pm there will be a convention called "Taking Care of Your Diabetes." It is geared for all types of diabetes and there will be company representatives with booths set up, as well as speakers from the diabetes community.

Kim ( and I will be meeting up there. We were curious if anyone else would be attending or working at a booth. We thought we could have a little Juvenation get together :o)

Here is a link to the TCOYD website. If you are interested in attending, there is a registration button at the top of the page.

Hope to see people there!

I'm so excited (pumped?) about this conference, and getting to meet C and other members of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) there!!

P.S. I thought it was Taking Control of Your Diabetes... eh, it works either way.  :D

ahahah you're right. i just like to make up words to go in the acronym. :D

"totally cool once yearly des moines"

Thirty Colorful Orcs Yelled "DANGER"!

But seriously, people should go.  There are a bunch of vendors there that we'll all recognize...  Animas, Dexcom, Insulet, Medtronic, BD, Novo Nordisk, Lilly...  the list goes on.  Here's a link to the brochure, too:  Advance registration (before 9/22) is $25.  Otherwise, it's $30 at the door.

ahaha. kim tapped into my facebook dorkiness about LOTR.

do you think diabetic orcs could survive? this might be something worth investigating.... :D

and yes, i agree... EVERYONE TO SHOULD COME TO IOWA! we know how to party diabetic-style. :D:D:D

Just a reminder, kids, this is going on this Saturday. There's still time to pre-register. The price goes up the day of the event.

Ya know... since there seemed to be so much interest, I just thought I'd help calm everyone down and let you know there's room for everyone. So no elbowing and shoving to the front of the line. There's plenty of love for everyone!


You know you want to!

I know, geez, calm down everyone.


I just thought I'd point out that all the cool kids are going to be there...

Which, so far, is Kim and me and 2 guys named Scott. :D

And a girl named Kelly!  :D

Yeah, and Kelly! Editor of Diabetic Living magazine!

I would LOVE to be there - but someone else has to pay for my travel expenses! :(