Talking to my doctor about getting a pump

Ok, everyone.  I need some advice.  My doctor's appointment is July 6 and I'm going to approach him about getting a pump.  I'm tired of the roller coaster numbers, and the constant "pin cushion" feeling I have.  I've done the research on the different pumps I was interested in and picked out the one I want (I know the water resistancy level, the basal increments, the customer service, the bonus features, even the color).  I've contacted my insurance company to see how it would be covered, including supplies, and if there was a maximum benefit.  I've learned how they work (the best I can without training on the particular pump I get).  I've gone over it with my husband, and he now knows how they work, and supports me in my decision. 

What have I missed?

from what I can see...nothing. though, from my experience of getting a pump last year(only had it for 3months didn't help me at all) I had to try twice to get my insurance to agree to cover 80%. I ended up having my endo fill out the paperwork the pump company gave me the first time..and the second time had to get a detailed letter from my endo explaining in more detail than the one sheet he had previously filled out, why i needed the pump.

if i were you, i might just skip ahead and get him/her to write the letter and send it in the package with everything else you have to send to the insurance company.

Haha you sound totally prepared. You will probably know more about the pump you want than your doctor. They will probably either give you the go ahead and get it ordered or have you meet with a representative from the pump company. I've always had to meet with the company reps when I got a new pump or upgraded models. Good luck!!!

It sounds like you are well prepared!!  My doctor ordered the pump and did all of the paperwork for me!  I had to do a saline start to get used to using it!  Then they switched me to insulin when we both felt ready.  Do you know how to count carbs?  You will definitely need to know how to do that.  In fact, I remember having to meet with a dietician and learn how to do that before they actually ordered the pump for me.  I had to keep very detailed records of what I was eating and how many carbs were involved.  They started me on insulin carb ratios to see which would work best.  Good luck with talking to the doctor!  I am sure that you will absolutely love the pump!!!  I did, but unfortunately it didn't work out for me:(

Well I've been on a pump for almost 10 years now and might be transitioning back to shots. Not that I want to but am sort of being forced to because of the ridiculous price of supplies and the current deductible for my insurance.  YUCK!

Most good endocrinologists will recommend pump therapy if you are all over the place...mine did.  I had to go through some pump therapy and meet with a rep from the pump mfg.  I've since then had two or three different pumps and the advancements have been nice and I haven't had to meet with any reps since.  Just a rep from the Dr's office to go over the changes in brand/model.

Good luck!

Thanks Batts!  I will definantly get the letter from my doctor right away.  I would rather have too much information and steps done, than not enough and delay everything.

Megan, that is almost my fear, is that I will know more than my doctor.  Hopefully there will be a rep close by that I will be able to work with.

Angela, Yeah, I know how to count the carbs.  I could probably do better at it and at keeping track though.  I know my current ratios, and they vary depending on which meal it is (units:carbs = my breakfast is 1:7 lunch is 1:8 and dinner is 1:7, but probably should be 1:6 as I have high bedtime numbers).  My correction is 1:20.

Mike - I wish I had a good endo.  I don't have an endo at all because there is not one in my area.  The closest one that is on my insurance is over 4 hours away.  My current doctor was recommended by the diabetes clinic at my local hospital, as the best Dr. of internal medicine to work with diabetic patients. 

DOOOO IT! I was 12 when I was dx and getting the pump changed everything. It has made my life so much better. Pumps are really expensive but they are definitely worth it. I wear a Medtronic MiniMed Pardigm 722 with a CGM. Although I don't use the CGM (my transmitter is broken and my insurance won't replace it >:/)  my pump has al sorts of amazing features. Currently I work overnights and I have different settings for when I am at work and when I am at home so my BG doesn't drop. I have way better control. Good luck and I would definitely recommend you do a little bit of research on different brands of pumps. My family picked Medtronic for me because it has amazing customer service (24/7 tech assistance, free replacements if it breaks, fast shipping on pump supplies, ect...) and because it's the same pump my endocrinologist uses to manage his Diabetes.