T1D Promising Clinical Trail

A Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Type 1 Diabetes gained FDA approval but needs our help in order to begin this year. The trial is utilizing stem cells and Stem Cell Educator Therapy as a non-invasive treatment of autoimmune-related diseases including T1D. Tianhe Stem Cell Biotechnologies is working with Dr. Zhao in New Jersey to begin this trial, however, they need additional funding. Stem cells have a powerful ability to restore metabolic control in long-standing diabetic patients and his past clinical trials have made significant strides towards a treatment solution. Currently, he is undergoing clinical trials for T2D but with your help in funding, we could get this T1D trial to launch soon. Consider checking out his astonishing work and donating so that this could benefit so many people! (The trial is listed here: Clinical Application of Stem Cell Educator Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov)
More information about his work & to donate:
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Interesting study @Danielle36 thank you for posting this.

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