Stem Cell Research? (Duplicate Topic?

Anyone done any major research into Swiss Media and the claimed Stem Cell treatment? I recently contacted them in search of info. Maybe worth an investigation? and

stem always seems like it’s too good to be true, but some of the research has been exciting. I have zero doubt that if the autoimmune problem can be corrected, t1d will “go away”. In my opinion, that’s the whole disease.

every couple of years I begin to make a little (or a lot) of my own insulin. 4 months ago I went 2-3 days without any meal time bolus, with near perfect (69-89 mg/dl blood sugar) which is weird for me and actually caused a lot of anxiety this time. It started with a lunch bolus and then a terrible crash and me having to drink straight coke until I could get my blood sugar above 60. It lasted longer then ever and then went away. I think it took that long for my body to find those “pesky” beta cells and then my autoimmune system ate those just like they did the first time in 1979.

If we could turn off that bad bit of autoimmune programming, THEN regenerate beta cells, we’d all be in great shape.

Woah, so Joe your body will sometimes produce and sometimes not? That is interesting! Or are you saying you had the procedure done? I hope to live to see a fix sometime soon looks like im saving for a trip to Switzerland lol.