Stem Cell Therapy

Hey everyone, my son was diagnosed at 3 years old and is now 5. He has had T1D about 18 months and recently his baby sister was born. We decided to save her cord blood and cord tissue for potential stem cell treatment for her brother.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience or information on this. I know it is not yet a proven thing but is showing some promising results in trials and what not.

Thank you for any insight or opinions.

hi @aauruski,

there are some clinical trials running according to “centerwatch”

the JDRF clinical search site starts here:

A stem-cell research site is here but I didn’t spend much time on it. (the site)

good luck.

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I haven’t thought about stem cell research in a long time - I wish you the best as you look into it. Just wanted you to know I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed in the early 60s and am doing well. You may be familiar with diabetes history and the time when we checked for sugar in our urine rather than our blood. Yes, we may be dinosaurs but we are still around: in some cases with some degree of complication but still active, on the forum as well as in life.

Thanks all. It is a few years out if a legitimate benefit at all, for sure. Looks like the trial is for 18+ anyways. Our little guy is only five. We are looking at doing a pump next so he gets even better control of his glucose levels. We’ll keep his sisters stem cells banked for a while as medicine advances.

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My son was diagnosed exacty year ago. he is now 11 years old. we had his stem cell (cord blood) preserved from his birth and really wishing to hear some good news on this front. let’s stay positive…