Healthy Options and Diabetes Outreach Petitions

Hey T1D’s! Listen Up! Okay so with June approaching I see that many of us may be graduating. YAAYY US! Well as we get to our next steps in life I think it is important for us to be vocal about our diabetes and ways that people can actually help us. Therefore there are various events that I want to do on my campus however one thing feel would be a great idea to start on type 1 nation. I would love to start a petition for healthier food options on college campuses that will help diabetics regulate their diabetes. In return it would be even better if the organization and restaurant that us as diabetics would choose could possibly donate a certain portion of their earnings back to JDRF or the ADA, etc. Let me know what you all think. Thanks yall!

First off congrats to you and all the graduates! Being that I am T1D and I also have a daughter who has graduated that is a T1D, I think what you have proposed would be GREAT! When you get the petition started I have several supporters who would agree on this issue! I SAY GO FOR IT

I think this would be a great idea! Let me know how we can get started!