T1D and Driving

I’m starting drivers education at the end of this month, & I was wondering if anyone here has had troubles driving or anything because of their diabetes? I’m just scared that I’ll go low while I’m driving or something & then my instructor won’t let me pass & get my license.

driving low is treated the same way as DUI in new jersey, the best practice is to test 45 minutes to right before driving and then every couple hours if you are on a long trip. driving lessons rarely take more than an hour, so you have plenty of time to check and make sure you are okay and you will likely be okay throughout the test. I always have carbs somewhere in my car. There is probably a 5 year old can of coke rolling around the back.

It’s a good idea to check your BG before you start driving, only takes a few seconds. Especially if you don’t have strong hypoawareness. For me personally, I’m lucky to be very hypoaware, so I can usually catch it while I’m still in the 70’s. So I usually just check before longer drives and maybe every hour or so as I go along. I live in AZ, which is a total cowboy state, and they don’t even require a doctor’s note for your driver’s license. In fact, once you get your license, no renewal is even needed until you turn 65! So weird…

Kay, you are approaching driving in a very responsible manner, GREAT. And as @angivan said, always check your BG level before driving [unless you have just finished a meal] even when you only expect to be out for a short time and as @Joe says, always have a suitable snack in your car. The unexpected can happen like the time police shut down traffic on one of our famous bridges for two hours while they “investigated” a case that by the time they arrived was in the water 208 feet below; I had expected to be out for 45 minutes max.

When on a “long” drive, I always plan on checking BG at least every two hours and will usually have my pump basal set at a temporary of less than 100%. A driver’s eyes are constantly on the alert and moving about and they burn carbs like other exercise - I was surprised at how driving lowers my blood sugar.

I was in terrible control as a teen and young adult and am lucky I didn’t kill someone while driving low a couple times. You sound so much more together.

What I’ve learned as an adult is to take a minute and test before driving if I haven’t tested in the previous 30 minutes. Gives me peace of mind. I’m also good at testing quickly at stoplights!

The earlier advice about testing frequently on road trips is smart. My blood sugar always gets really high or low when traveling, even if I don’t eat differently. Think it’s the stress/excitement/sitting too long.

I have a ton of snacks in my car. I live in Michigan so it’s smart to keep tons of food plus a blanket, flashlight, kitty litter and other emergency stuff in case of getting snowed in. Regardless of if you get tons of snow or not, tons of non perishables is just smart. Informing your driving instructor of your disease is smart but you shouldn’t have a problem as others have said before, a ride is usually only an hour. Good luck smart lady! :slight_smile: