BG Testing and Driving

Hey guys! So, this thought came to mind while I was getting in and out of the car today: do you test your BG every time before you drive? For example, I had a bunch of errands today and I was in and out of the car quite a bit. I tested before I left my apartment, but that was about it. I know it's important to keep an eye on your levels, but how neurotic should I get?

Input needed!

If I am getting back in my car less than 40 minutes or so since my last test, then I don't test again. I can feel my lows if I am in the 70's and know to test. I have glucose tablets in my pocket and a big container of them in the car by my side.  If I am on a longer trip I test and eat something, if necessary. I take less insulin so I will run 120 or higher under those circumstances.

I had an accident because of a low in 1957, but there was no device for testing blood sugar back then. I have not had an accident due to a low since that time. I hope you won't either. Good luck with your driving and testing. If you are ever in doubt, then test. It's that old "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of care" thingy. Lol!

If I am going for some errands, like you were, or driving long distance, I will test before I start (unless within 1 hour of last meal) and every 1.5 hours after that. 

If my driving is 1/2 hour or less, I usually won't test my sugar.  If I feel like I need to check I pull into a driveway/parking lot, or test at a red light...................................

...........or test while driving.

Please don't test while driving....that is just as bad as using a cell phone or texting while driving.

i dont test before driving. i feel my lows very easily and don't tend to drop unless im driving for 30+mins straight(no getting outta the car) while on the highway... but in that case i usually try to have my blood sugar around 10 or 12 before i start driving anyways.

the only exception is if i've recently had a low(within 20mins) and had a hard time getting my blood sugar to stay up or something. but i have more highs than i have lows, so it's usually not a concern.

I test when I wake up and if I leave a half hour later, I won't test again.  If I go out to eat and shopping and am unsure of how I feel or not sure if I took too much insulin, then I will test at some point, not specifically before I drive.  I have tested several times on the way home from work and been low and either I treat or wait about 5 min. until I am home since it has been several hours since I last gave a bolus.  I believe it just depends on how you feel when you are busy running errands and what activity, food, insulin amount given that come into play that sooner or later will make you want to find out what your number is.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!