T1D and Crossfit

I started Crossfit back in 2013 and absolutely love it. It has been the only thing that I have seen results from and the competitive side of me looks forward to going everyday because it is like a competition. It’s also therapy. That is my 1 hour a day I get to myself and can clear my head. My problem is that I have always had trouble managing my blood sugars during this time. I am always scared of going low during a workout but after the workout my blood sugar can spike pretty high. There is a different workout everyday and each one affects my body differently. I know adrenaline is the main culprit. Just curious if anyone on here does Crossfit and struggles with my same issues. If so, how do you deal with it?

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Hi Regan,
I haven’t done crossfit, but I do enjoy some HIIT workouts! Blood sugars can be crazy to manage with exercise, so my advice is to try out what works best for you. Before I do any cardio I set my insulin pump to 75% basal about 30 minutes before I start working out and that usually prevents any lows. I also learned some cool tips from The College Diabetes Network here: https://collegediabetesnetwork.org/content/sports-exercise

I hope this helps!

If you start out at a 120, and have a small juice box mid work out you should be ok, the post work out highs are difficult but you may be able to bump the basal for a short amount of time, you obviously are working out well if your liver feels the need to pump out extra glucose. I wish there was a trainer/nutritionist to help people like us. I have the same struggles. One day it is good, the next i am too low to finish the workout.

@ReganAlexandra - I’m in awe of your dedication to Xfit! I’m certainly not there, but I’ve found the best regimen before exercise for me is to suspend my pump about an hour before I start my cardio and turn it back on when I begin my weight training. I also keep quick acting glucose close by, and I’ve started out with my bs hovering at 175.

I wish you continued good health!

Thank y’all for the input!

I experience fluctuations in my blood glucose from Crossfit as well. One thing that has helped is trying to maintain regularity in the time I workout as well as what I eat prior. My go to is a banana first thing and immediately go workout. The banana is easy to measure and carries me through the wod. Post workout spikes are less frequent when I follow this routine. Also, Crossfit is way more than a workout for me too. The peripheral benefits vast outweigh the blood glucose irregularities for me.

Have you tried a flip belt? Those work for me for running, cycling, Orange Theory Fitness, and Yoga.