T1D and CFS

Hello everyone,

I’ve had T1D for about 5 years now (2012). In early 2015, I started experiencing severe fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, balance issues, stomach issues and an assortment of other things. When I started letting my old PCP know, he originally dismissed it as depression. 6 months of anti-depressants later–no change. So my new PCP (after a complaint to patient services) finally started sending me to different specialists to see what was going on. It almost seemed like they were all reading from the same script—depression…OR drugs. I tried explaining that I cut down on certain meds, and my symptoms were getting worse…so explain THAT. All the specialists could tell me was that I didn’t have ‘fill in the blank’…MS, Lupus, malignant cancer (apparently nodules on my thyroid are benign for now), blood disorder, etc…

Then I would get the “you got me” speech, and referred back to my PCP. I finally had to diagnose myself (chronic fatigue was on my medical record, but all these PHD’s and MD’s could not link that to CFS), and got my PCP to agree…to the point that he quoted the CDC website for me having this syndrome. Does anyone have this as well? If you do, was it also difficult to get your doctor to say its CFS? I’m curious, because I’m looking into going to a different clinic after all this, and want to make sure I’m not overreacting. Any advise would be helpful. Thx.