T1D and chronic fatigue

Does anyone have issues with this? I have been constantly fighting with CFS for about 2 years now. I also have a CPAP that I use for sleep apnea. I’ll get 7 to 8 hours a sleep a night, eat relatively a clean diet and get 5 to 6 days of moderate exercise in. But almost every day I’m fighting serious fatigue. Even taking LOW dose antidepressants (prior primary physician’s idea). Not clinically depressed though. Even cut back on some other meds ! Need some advise. One tech (who was also T1D) mentioned fact that autoimmune disorders keep immune system in overdrive-which takes its toll. Anyone else experience this?

You seem to have been very thorough, but I would recommend getting your thyroid checked out. It’s not uncommon for your immune system to mess with your endocrine system too! In the mean time, maybe support your immunity with some basics like vitamin A, C, D, Aand E. Look into turmeric as an anti inflammatory. I do these to support my overall immune system health without ramping it into overdrive (some supplements like zinc can make things worse).

Things to look into maybe. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Thanks for the info. The sad part is that the medical facility that I has been treating me has concluded that my thyroid is fine (the clinic chain is supposedly the best in the nation according to their website). All tests were in the normal range. I do have a nodule and several cysts on it, and my cancer test was a false positive (?), but it’s fine. My family also thinks there are issues with my thyroid. I think its time to get a second opinion

Hi there! I know that when my blood glucose is higher than average (for me anyway), I feel very fatigued. If I force my self to get out of bed, take a BG reading, treat appropriately and have some coffee, tea or a big glass of water, I immediately feel better. I usually have 2 alarm clocks ready when I have something scheduled in the morning so that I wont miss out on something important. This isn’t an easy "condition ", but i believe that we are all very strong and capable. I have also been asking about my thyroid…hm. I just try to take one day at a time without making doctors mad at me…I wish you the very best. Debra

Hi, I likely have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue in addition to depression. I have been type one for about 42 years, only one complication… some peripheral neuropathy. I don’t have issues with thyroid that I am aware of, no tests have shown it to be positive for anything… except that I have antibodies. You sound like you might want to think about a second opinion about your own thyroid.

I think we are still learning about long term consequences of having type one… just a thought!


Thanks for the information, and the support. I’ve been to several doctors, who have confirmed that I have CFIDS in addition to T1D. Thyroid tests are coming back normal, but I do have some cysts/nodules on it (that do not test positive for cancer–as I’ve been told). I recently have been diagnosed with PTSD/depression, but that is for an unrelated event in my life. The chronic fatigue symptoms were there long before that event though, as I had to point out to some doctors (who I’m no longer seeing). I finally started seeing one PCP that seems to ‘get it’, and has prescribed me something to help with my energy levels. The really good part about that is he is right up the street from me–no more driving 30 miles for bad service. Thanks again for all the support.