T1 teen just diagnosed also bipolar

Hi I’m Tish my son was just diagnosed last week and he is 17 he also is ADHD,Bipolar, Asthmatic. Has anyone else had to deal with any of these plus T1 ? Any advice welcome, he is out of school for the next month since we will be changing meds for bipolar because one causes increased blood sugar. He was in out patient intensive therapy for mood swings when they ran his blood work his sugar was 588 which we had just had his blood work done 3 weeks prior and it was 103 it’s been a wild ride

Hi Tish @Tish4bing,

Sorry to hear that your son is having to manage so many obstacles - any one of which can be a challenge.

You may find some information you can use, and people in similar situations on our “Dual Diagnoses” group page; click on Groups Tab at the top of this page - it is one of the 29 different groups currently active.